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Overseas Nannies UK

Why is the UK such a popular destination for overseas nannies?

London is an exciting cosmopolitan city and excellent destination for nannies from overseas to base themselves. Becoming a British Nanny offers the advantage of being within easy access of Europe and is an excellent location to travel from.

There are great nanny and social networks along with numerous activities run for children throughout London. For those overseas nannies,who prefer to avoid city living and love the country lifestyle. The UK offers beautiful scenery, history and the opportunity to live and work in the countryside.

Due to ever increasing popularity, there is always a demand for qualified and experienced nannies from overseas for positions in London and throughout the UK. The majority of British nannies from overseas are from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or various European countries.

Nannies from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa tend to come to the UK and work on a working holiday visa for up to two years. The working holiday visa is for those under 27 years of age from commonwealth countries and allows the holder of the visa to work for 12 months within the UK. Some nannies from overseas may be lucky enough to have a British grandparent and can apply for `grand partiality’, which entitles them to work in the UK for up to 4 years, or they may hold a British passport. Nannies from the EU can work within the UK with out obtaining a working visa.

As Nanning has increased in popularity as a professional career around the world many nannies from overseas have recognised qualifications and certificates. These qualifications such as TAFE (Technical Australian of Education) certificate or the New Zealand National Nanny Certificate can be the equivalent of a British NNEB or BTEC qualification in childcare. Many British nannies from overseas will have worked as professional fulltime nannies in their own countries prior to their arrival in the UK.

Nanny positions can vary considerably from family to family and there are definitely some differences in the duties and role of a nanny from country to country. For example nannies coming from South Africa, Australia or New Zealand have more than likely not ‘lived in’ with families they have worked for but have worked as daily nannies and worked shorter hours than their British contemporaries.

The majority of overseas nannies do tend to take ‘live in’ positions to avoid the problem of finding accommodation and for a more personal working environment.

For nannies who have come from overseas and take a ‘live in’ position, this may be their first experience of living with a family other than their own. If employing a nanny who has not ‘lived in’ before, it is essential to discuss with them time off, privacy and house rules and use of phone, from the beginning to ensure an excellent start to the working relationship.

Employing a nanny from overseas can offer the chance to have a friendly, flexible and easy going nanny looking for the opportunity to work for and become part of your family. These nannies generally embrace the opportunity to travel with families on family holidays and are generally described as down to earth and worth their weight in gold!

Eden Nannies & Maternity have a large selection of qualified and experienced nannies from overseas. We interview all nannies in person; fully reference check them and encourage all nannies coming from overseas to obtain a police check prior to their arrival. For further information about employing a nanny from overseas please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your needs.

If you need further information, please email [email protected]