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Working as a Nanny in London

So, for starters, you will be working in, undoubtedly, one of the greatest cities in the world! London has lots of fabulous features too- an amazing history, wonderful historic buildings, huge well kept and beautiful parks, a great nightlife, many cultural attractions and a hugely diverse range of people and cultures. Its’ close links to Europe are also very appealing.

So, what are you waiting for?
Do you have childcare experience and /or a childcare qualification and would you like to work as a Live-in or Daily Nanny in London? Do you love working with little ones and can you offer a family a nurturing, caring and loving attitude?

Working as a Nanny in London can offer you a well paid job, access to a good network of other London Nannies and the opportunity to try lots of new activities with the children, whilst getting to know parts of London you might never have known existed! London is very accessible, with a great transport system, so you can use your creativity to show the children all the wonderful sights on offer.

London is also home to a massively diverse ‘workforce’ and working culture. By this we mean that, basically, anything goes! Parents may work full-time, part-time, from home, from an office, run their own company, be self-employed and so on.

So what does this mean for a London Nanny?
In reality, it means a flexible working lifestyle. If you only want to work a certain number of hours a week or you have commitments (such as studying for example), then working as a Nanny in London may be an ideal solution for you. There is currently a high demand for part-time/flexible and temporary Nannies, as people’s work lives become and more complex, so this puts London Nannies in a strong position. As an agency, we have seen a big rise in the number of London clients asking for part-time and 3 days a week Nannies.

We have also found that versatility is very appealing to London clients. By this we mean that if a Nanny can offer an additional skill, that complements the client household, then this is a huge advantage. For example, we are regularly asked for details of Nanny/PA’s and Nanny/Governesses for London clients. The Nanny in this instance would divide their usual Nanny duties with helping a parent with administrative tasks – which could either be admin for a client’s business or help organising their diary/social calendar, planning travel, holidays and family events. A Nanny/Governess would offer a teaching skill in a particular subject(s).

We hope you will agree that working as a Nanny in London has a wide range of great benefits and whether you want a Live-in, Daily, part-time, 3 days a week, Nanny/PA or Nanny/Governess role, we think we will be able to help you.

So, do please call us for a chat and register your interest for working as a Nanny in London through Eden.

We can offer you a huge choice of good Nanny jobs in London and who knows – that perfect job might be just around the corner!