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Having your baby in a private hospital

There are many benefits to having your baby delivered in a private hospital.

Along with the highest standard of one-to-one care, state of the art equipment, spotlessly clean delivery suites, and high quality food, you also get better choice.

Eden Maternity works with an extensive list of private hospitals to offer a continuation of that top-level care when you are back at home, through the services of a Maternity Nurse.

Obstetrician Care

While in hospital your principal consultant will be a GP, or you may have an obstetrician if a higher level of care is needed. You will be looked after by your principal consultant throughout your pregnancy and delivery, and antenatal visits will usually be held at the doctor’s private consulting room.

Some women choose an obstetrician for peace of mind, though most do not require such a high level of care. If you decide to see an obstetrician, your GP can refer you to one, or you can ask at the hospital of your choice.

For the delivery you will be admitted to a private hospital, or a public hospital as a private patient, where your principal consultant will have access. Throughout your labour you will be looked after by a midwife who will notify your doctor or obstetrician when to come for the birth. If your principal consultant can be present at the delivery, they will usually be assisted by other members of the hospital staff.

While private care with an obstetrician gives you the advantage of seeing the same person throughout your pregnancy, there is no absolute guarantee that they will be there for the birth, particularly if the delivery is quick.

After the birth you will normally receive 2-3 days of postnatal care in hospital.

Private Care

With private care you can arrange to have all your postnatal care shared between your obstetrician, doctor, midwife or a Maternity Nurse.

Private care with a Maternity Nurse

Once you are settled at home the primary care of the baby will be the responsibility of your Maternity Nurse, though you may still be under the care of your obstetrician or GP. Your Maternity Nurse will either have a midwifery background or will have gained extensive postnatal care experience having worked as a nanny.

If you decide to have a Maternity Nurse, it’s best to book one when you make the private hospital arrangements, thereby continuity of care is guaranteed. However, if you have missed the opportunity of making arrangements in advance, you can still call one of our experienced Maternity Consultants who will ensure we find the correct individual for you.

Advantages of booking a Maternity Nurse though Eden Maternity

  • Continuity of care following your discharge from hospital.
  • One to one care for mother and baby
  • A bespoke care plan
  • Control over who comes into your home
  • A structured plan to facilitate the mother’s return to work

The following is a list of private hospitals used by some of our clients:

Imperial Private Healthcare
The Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital
Praed Street
London W2 1NY

The Portland Hospital
205 – 209 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5AHThe Kensington WingThe Kensington Wing
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
London SW10 9NH

Imperial Private Healthcare
Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital
Du Cane Road
London W12 OHS

The Westminster Maternity Suite
12th Floor, North Wing
St Thomas’ Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH

The Kensington Wing at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
London SW10 9NHBMI Coombe WingThe Kensington Wing
Level 7, Esher Wing
Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT2 7QB

The Women’s Centre
John Radcliffe Hospital
Headley Way
Oxford OX3 9DU


As well as the hospitals above, Eden Private Staff works with a number of private hospitals around the world that specialise in providing maternity services.

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