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Interview Questions

Choosing a maternity nurse is deeply personal and you need to feel that you have the right person to support you and give you confidence in being a parent.

One of the most common issues for new mums is breastfeeding and how important it is to you. You may wish to ask a maternity nurse some or all of these questions:

  • Do you have experience supporting breastfeeding mothers?
  • Can you advise on diet and breastfeeding?
  • Do you have experience with babies who do not latch on properly?
  • Are you prepared to assist with night feeds?
  • Can you advise on expressing breast milk and how to store it?
  • If I don’t want to introduce formula, will you support me in this decision?
  • If breastfeeding becomes a struggle, will you help me to get it right and suggest ideas and advice?

You need to feel comfortable with the sleep patterns and eating routines for your baby. If routine is important to you then choose a maternity nurse who feels the same way.

Ask the following questions to assess if they are right for you and your baby:

  • What is your preferred approach to routines?
  • What do you make of other approaches?
  • When do you normally manage to get a baby sleeping through the night?
  • Will you support me if I change my mind about routine?

A maternity nurse will take up space in your home, after all it’s not just them but also their belongings too. Think about who you will be happy with in your home. Ask questions such as:

  • Are you happy to share a room with the baby?
  • Do you require extra space for the evenings?
  • Do you expect your own television?
  • Do you expect meals or are you happy to cook for yourself?
  • If we all eat together are you happy to help with washing/cleaning up?
  • Are you happy to give the family time alone?
  • Do you have any special dietary requirements?

Understanding why they want to be a maternity nurse says a lot about their character. You could ask:

  • Why do you do maternity work?
  • Are you happy to teach me about my baby?
  • Are you happy to include the father and teach him too?
  • Will you be happy to make cups of tea or food for the family occasionally?
  • Do you need to stay at the house on your day/s off?
  • Do you mind running the occasional errand?
  • What do you believe makes you a great maternity nurse?