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How to make a Booking

All of the maternity nurses on our database have been personally interviewed by a member of our team, had their background and references thoroughly checked and we continue to update references after every placement. We do however recommend that you personally check a random selection of these references yourself.

It is essential that the maternity nurse you book will suit your personal needs and circumstances, which is why we also recommend that you register with us as early as possible, so that you can interview as many candidates as you feel necessary.

A maternity nurse can be booked for a position months in advance but bear in mind that many of them will have limited times when they can work and when they will be free for interviews.

You may wish to consider interviewing any of the following types of maternity nurse:

  • Mature, traditional maternity nurses with years of experience. Maternity nursing has been their career
  • Mature maternity nurses who have paediatric qualification but have chosen to change into a community based role
  • Younger maternity nurses with paediatric qualifications and experience who have turned to maternity work
  • Younger nurses with a lot of experience in new-borns and who have moved into maternity nursing.

Once you have registered with us and chosen the type of nurse you are looking for, we will discuss the options and send you (either by fax or e-mail) copies of CVs and sample references for those particular candidates.

We can then arrange a meeting between you and the candidate at a mutually convenient time. If this is not feasible, then we will first arrange a telephone interview. Once you have decided on a candidate you need to confirm with Eden Maternity that you wish to take them on, in writing, stating a definite start date.

If your baby arrives early, there is a chance the nurse can start earlier too, however if they are not available we will do our best to provide you with an emergency replacement. In this instance you will still be obliged to have the original nurse start at the date first agreed. If your baby arrives late, then the nurse will be on call from the original agreed date and must be paid 50 per cent of the agreed weekly rate.

If you are hiring a nurse overseas, there will usually be a telephone interview before you meet with them. If you require a nurse to travel overseas to visit you at home, the travel costs will be at your expense. You can choose to meet the candidate at our London office, where we have a meeting room which can be used.

Although Eden Maternity makes the initial introduction of maternity nurses to you, they are all self-employed whilst working with you. It is therefore their own responsibility to ensure they pay the correct tax and National Insurance contributions.

Please call Katie, Vanessa or Sally on 020 74716000 or click here to register as a client