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Nanny Sharing

Nanny sharing has become increasingly popular with families who live close enough to one another to utilise the skills and experience of a professional nanny. The main advantage in this arrangement is the families share the cost of the nanny’s salary, tax and national insurance.

A nanny share usually comprises two families, each with one child (sometimes more). If the nanny is required to work for more than two families, she would have to register as a childminder.

Typically a nanny who undertakes this type of work is employed on a ‘live-out’ or ‘daily’ basis and travels to one household to look after the children or alternates between the two homes. Occasionally a nanny will ‘live-in’ with one family and care for the other children in the house.

There are several types of nanny shares to consider:

  • Complete Shared Care – sharing the nanny five days a week with all the children looked after together.
  • Part-time Shared Care – families share the nanny and the children are cared for together for 2/3 days a week.
  • Split Week Shared Care – families share the nanny, and the children are cared for separately and on different days – for example two days of the week are with one family and three days with the other family.
  • Main Family Shared Care – one family employs the nanny on a full-time basis and shares with another family for part of the week.

If you are considering the option of a nanny share, then please speak to our experienced consultant, who will be happy to answer any questions you have. We can advise on how to find the right nanny share for you and how to make it work effectively. If you need further information, please email [email protected]