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Voice the Union

Voice is a non-profitable organisation that exists to support and advocate the rights of its members in their work environment. Voice provides leadership in education and encourages the establishment of comprehensive training opportunities to enable its membership to reach their full potential, providing expertise to direct its members’ efforts towards compliance with all relevant laws and regulations regarding the provision of safe, quality childcare.

Nannies can and do provide a professional and flexible level of care and education to children in the family home. However, under current legislation there is no registration of nannies or regulation of nanny agencies. Voice has formed a National Working Group which provides a forum to identify, analyse and develop nationally accepted strict criteria for nannies to work to, enabling them to become better equipped to provide the children in their care with a good standard of care and education.

Voice aims to:

Establish a professional code of practice for all nanny agencies, ensuring they meet with their legal obligations and duty of care for both the nanny and the employer. Parents seeking a nanny through an agency will be assured that every possible check has been performed regarding their overall suitability, to ensure their children will be cared for in the most professional manner. The nanny will be fully trained and possess the skills appropriate for the child/children’s age group, ability and or special needs.

Lobby Government to introduce legislation requiring all child carers to be registered and monitored throughout their careers and all nanny agencies to be regulated following the best practice identified by the Group.

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