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Sample Contract

We have included extracts from the sample contract, which we provide as part of our placement service. It details the information, which should be included in a Contract of Employment between the nanny and the employer. The contract must be agreed and signed by both parties within two months of the employment start date.

The contract represents the entire agreement between the employer and employee as detailed. The terms and conditions contained and referred to herein shall prevail not withstanding any variations unless agreed in writing and signed by both parties.

General Information
Employers are required by law to deduct PAYE and National Insurance from an employee’s salary. Failure to do so will render the employer liable for arrears and could mean that the employee is unable to claim a pension or other benefits in the future.
Employers should ensure that they have employers and public liability insurance to cover them should the employee be injured in the course of work.

The basic salary is £ ________ per week after deduction of Income Tax and National Insurance payable on the _________________ of each week/month.

Overtime will be paid at £ ___________ net per hour or part thereof.
The salary will be reviewed, once a year /twice a year/ on the date of _________.

Hours of Work
The employee will be required to work ______(hours)________ (days of week) and may be called upon for baby-sitting, up to (number of days)____________ nights per week.

In addition the employee may be required to work overtime provided that ______ days notice has been given in advance. Overtime will be paid in accordance with the overtime rate detailed in the remuneration section.

The employee will be allowed 20 days paid holiday in each year.
Paid compensation is not normally given for holidays not actually taken. Holidays may only be carried into the next year with the express permission of the employer.
The employee is required to give _____________ Weeks/Days notice before booking holiday. The employee will not be required to work on any Public Holiday or will be given a day off in lieu, by agreement.

Duties and Requirements
The employee will be required to perform the following duties during hours of employment:-

  • Cooking for and feeding children.
  • Washing, ironing, mending and putting away of children’s clothes.
  • Keeping all children’s toys equipment and rooms clean, tidy and fit for use.
  • Promoting the general health of the children.
  • Providing a safe, stimulating and loving environment for the children.
  • Taking and collecting children to and from school or other activities.
  • Other:_____________________________

This is a sole / shared charge position.

Accommodation and Benefits
The employee shall be entitled to the following benefits and accommodation:-

  • A private room.
  • Shared / private bathroom.
  • Meals with / without the children.
  • Sole /shared use of car.
  • Other:_____________________________

The employer will pay Standard Sick Pay (SSP) in accordance with current legislation. Any additional sick pay will be at the employer’s discretion.

The employer will / will not provide pension entitlements.

In the first four weeks of employment, one week’s notice is required by either party. After four weeks continuous service, either the employer or the employee may terminate this contract by giving ____________ Weeks/ Months notice.

The employee shall keep all the affairs and concerns of the employer, their household and business confidential, unless otherwise required by law.

Reasons which might give reason for the need of disciplinary action include the following:-

  • Causing a disruptive influence in the household.
  • Incompetence.
  • Unsatisfactory standard of dress or appearance.
  • Conduct during or outside working hours prejudicial to the interest or reputation of the employer.
  • Unreliability in time keeping or attendance.
  • Failure to comply with instructions, requirements or procedures.
  • Breach of confidentiality clause.

In the event of the need for disciplinary action, the procedure will be: Firstly an oral warning, secondly a written warning and thirdly dismissal.

Reasons which might give rise to summary dismissal include drunkenness, dishonesty, and any illegal activity.

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