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Daily Housekeeper!

Location: North London

Reference: cr-66305


Warm and energetic housekeeper who adores children and happy to turn her hand to any task! Is a driver!

J is a very compassionate and warm person who loves to help people wherever she can. She is extremely dedicated and energetic with a great sense of initiative. J has worked in private households for many years and provides a very high standard of housekeeping and is also happy to offer cooking or childcare help (she has also previously worked as a nanny and is a mother herself). She is super hard working, loves a challenge and offers lots of flexibility. J is someone who will go above and beyond in her role and has a muck in attitude. She is happy to get stuck into any task, from helping in the garden, to deep cleaning, and polish silver, care of antiques. With her compassionate nature she also enjoys working with elderly people and always arrives with a smile on her face, having a lot of fun with her job. She is also able to be discreet when needed and can offer the family privacy. J is not scared of the unknown and is always open to learning new skills. J loves pets and is happy to help with pet care duties if required.

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  • Driver
  • Basic DBS from January 2024, Enhanced in Process with Eden
  • Happy to travel with a family
  • Pet friendly
  • Happy working in formal or informal homes
  • Happy working with other staff members

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Portuguese



  • Provided high quality cleaning services for the family house including bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, etc.
  • Delivered faultless cleanliness standards and exceptional guest care.
  • Serviced bathrooms with fresh supplies and regular cleaning.
  • Organised wardrobes and cupboards.
  • Shopping online or in store when necessary.
  • Prepared salads and fruits, washing to put in a bag or container to take to the fridge.
  • Being ready to cook if asked
  • Used own car to move/get things to/from the other house when necessary
  • Washed and kept clean balcony every day after the dogs.
  • Dealt with post and contractors, making calls and arranging dates to fix things.
  • Maintained clean and safe environments.
  • Kept cupboards and fridge well-stocked, buying or reporting low supplies for prompt reordering.
  • Serviced bathrooms with fresh supplies and regular cleaning.
  • Meticulously vacuumed, dusted and tidied rooms.
  • Sorted and disposed of rubbish and recyclables daily, avoiding waste buildup.
  • Interacted positively and professionally with residents, maintaining excellent service standards.
  • Washed, ironed and folded laundry, delicate fabrics and expensive pieces with appropriate methods.
  • Taking to dry cleaner when necessary.
  • Cleaned air conditioning and humidifier diffusers filling them with water maintaining presentation and working order.
  • Replaced sheets, duvets and pillowcases weekly maintaining spotless presentation standards.
  • Swept and vacuumed floors, hallways and stairwells, keeping the areas immaculately well-presented.
  • Kept housekeeping products well-stocked, reporting low supplies to the client for prompt reordering.
  • Maintained clean, safe environments for family and guests, strictly following infection control.
  • Washed, ironed and nicely folded laundry, delicate fabrics and expensive pieces with appropriate methods.
  • Swept and jetting water patio every week and keeping it looking well presented.
  • Assisted with the cut of the willow tree to make it look nice.
  • Assisted with the dog washing, feeding and cleaning after it.
  • Used to bring the dog to my own house whilst the family was away.


  • Age preference with children: any age
  • Happy to care for multiple children
  • Comfortable with both sole and shared charge or helping mum
  • Comfortable proxy parenting
  • Happy to babysit
  • Picked up the children from school, driving safely and arriving on time.
  • Established effective after-school routine by preparing meals in advance, maximising time for play and homework.
  • Administered medicine following parents’ directions and cared for children in case of illness or injury.
  • Supervised children’s play at home and in external settings, ensuring their physical safety at all times.
  • Assisted children with homework and school assignments, offering advice and guidance to build learner confidence.
  • Modelled appropriate social behaviours, promoting empathy, kindness and concern for others.
  • Taught children safe behaviour while crossing streets, using climbing frames and cycling.
  • Developed strong bonds with children through compassionate verbal and physical interaction.
  • Prepared healthy and nutritious meals to specific dietary requirements.
  • Safely transported children to and from school, events and activities, maintaining adherence to schedules to establish reliability and trust.
  • Continuously exceeded parent expectations by accommodating last-minute schedule changes.
  • Performed washing, ironing laundry, cleaning shoes and tidying to maintain children’s room and wardrobes


Cooking, pets, travel

  • Loves cooking – happy to do cooking for the whole family or the children.
  • Helping at dinner parties helping with food prep
  • Making cakes for parties
  • Happy to work in a home with pets
  • Happy to travel with a family and can be flexible

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February 8, 2024

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