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Job Resume

House Manager/Head of Security/Estate Manager

Location: UK/Overseas

Reference: MW-1141430


A versatile candidate whose military and security background have given him the opportunity to develop into an invaluable right-hand person to a private household, managing luxury property portfolios. As a qualified security professional, a natural progression for an ex-military candidate, his initial experience of high profile and HNW clients came through close protection tasks. By utilising his soft skills, he quickly established himself as the ideal private security as someone who could blend in with family life without compromising on providing comprehensive security.


Through a temporary assignment as a residential security officer for a private estate, serving a middle eastern royal family, he was personally selected by the principal to be their dedicated Close protection officer beyond being allocated to the most important thing for any parent, their children. Throughout his time with the family, during periods of down time, his commitment to self-improvement saw him obtain a wealth of additional qualifications to further the level of service he could provide to the client. Over the course of over 10 years, he grew within the role and the level of trust placed in him saw his responsibilities extend into multiple property management from London homes to country estates.


As a house manager and right hand person to the principal, he was the go-to-person for anything and anything from recruitment/interviewing &  new staff, organising contractors, coordinating property purchases, purchasing/storing/shipping or high value art and vehicles, sourcing legal assistance and much more.


As a security professional he’s always had an exceptional eye for detail so a role in house management has been a natural progression. What’s more, and perhaps the most influential element in his success to date, his is warm and personable nature. There is no question he would blend into a family environment and you would have no hesitation in him liaising with your guests and extended family.


If you need a reliable and experience House/Estate Manager and can appreciate the value in that candidate having a long list of security credentials, this is the candidate for you.


  • Multi-property management
  • Art and vehicle purchase and shipping
  • Recruitment
  • Security management
  • Organising contractors
  • Driving
  • Coordinating property purchases
  • Close Protection
  • Residential security
  • Ex-military
  • SIA Licence
  • Committed to self-improvement
  • Proven longevity

Spoken Languages

  • English



  • Preparing to Teach in The Lifelong Learning Sector | BTEC L4 Professional Award
  • Delivery of Conflict Management Training QCF | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Delivery of Conflict Management Training | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Coaching & Instruction in Physical Restraint | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Safe and Effective Use of Restraint Equipment | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Delivering Physical Intervention to the Private Security Industry | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Self Defence Instruction | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Physical Restraint | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Advanced & Defensive Driving | BTEC L3 Award
  • Close Protection Operations (SIA) | BTEC L3 Advanced Award
  • Security Operations (SIA) | BTEC L2 Award



  • Ronin Concepts Hostile Environment Close Protection
  • Conventional & Hostile Environment including Foreign Weapons Training & Tactical Field Firing
  • Aviation Security
  • Unarmed Close Quarter Combat
  • Physical Intervention Coach, Handcuff & Tactical Baton Instr (NFPS Accreditation) including annual updates
  • Conflict Resolution Instructor
  • Medical First Responder & Trauma Management


IT Skills

  • Competent user of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Explorer


Licences and Memberships

  • SIA Close Protection Licence
  • Member of The Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management

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April 11, 2021

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