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Twins Maternity Nurse

Location: UK and Overseas

Reference: MA-1126929


A fantastic widely experienced Maternity Nurse, Emma is an expert at providing quality care for premature babies, twins, babies with reflux as well as infants with feeding and sleep related issues

Highly experienced, friendly and professional, Emma is a NNEB trained, professional Nanny who has worked in childcare since 1994. Having cared for newborn twins in one of her long-term nanny roles, Emma was encouraged to develop her skills further and trained as a Maternity Nurse at the University of Reading in 2010. Since then she has excelled at providing a fantastic level of support for new parents and gained valuable experience caring for numerous premature babies and twins.

With a wide range of knowledge, Emma expertly supports both bottle and breastfeeding and has an excellent record of accomplishment of implementing successful and robust routines. With an impressive reputation carrying out sleep training, troubleshooting and supporting babies with colic and reflux, Emma’s professionalism shines and she is able to balance her methods in line with parent’s requirements. Emma takes real pride in sharing her knowledge and fosters confidence in new parents. Highly versatile and professional, Emma is an incredibly popular and highly sought-after Maternity Nurse.

Emma is looking for 24 hours, days and nights in the UK and Overseas.


  • Maternity Nurse
  • Overseas Maternity Nurse
  • Twins Maternity Nurse


Emma has a warm, open and friendly personality and builds rapport with ease. Highly professional, Emma combines her wealth of experience with a warm and caring approach to her role. Always positive and approachable, Emma receives glowing references from clients. Reassuring, trustworthy and discreet, Emma offers a fantastic level of service and integrates perfectly into clients homes.

Spoken Languages

  • English


MNT Training Ltd
Sleep Training
Maternity Practitioner Award

Nursery Nurse Examination Board


Emma has been involved in professional childcare since 1994

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December 6, 2021

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