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Night Maternity Nurse

Location: London

Reference: MA-1127921


A genuinely warm and caring Night Maternity Nurse, Sophia excels supporting families with her beautifully calming presence and natural ability to instil confidence and reassure parents allowing for a peaceful nights sleep

After raising her own children and foster caring for her local authority, Sophie started her first role as a Maternity Nurse in 2011 and has progressed her career with her skills and knowledge within childcare.  Specialising in supporting families during the night, Sophia will fit around what is required according to each individual family to enable her to provide encouragement for them.  Completing several nationally recognised qualifications in postnatal care, Sophia has experience in looking after premature babies, together with any babies with additional medical needs.

Providing exceptional standards with her genuine maternal instincts, Sophia has a natural talent whilst teaching and guiding parents with feeding and assisting with sleeping patterns, together with any problems that may arise.  Preferring a gentle baby led approach to routine, her abilities excel in the precise and detailed notes she keeps, which is an attribute that is welcomed by parents who want assurance for night bookings.   Understanding that each family is individual, Sophia provides amazing advice and is an asset to all families she works for. Amazing at building superb bonds with babies and older siblings, Sophia is highly regarded within her profession.

Sophia is looking for nights in London.


  • Maternity Nurse
  • Night Maternity Nurse


Highly adaptable and diligent, Sophia is incredibly warm-hearted and calm and has a love for children that just radiates from her. With her compassionate and caring personality, Sophia has a true kindness and remains totalling trustworthy and approachable.  Reliable and considerate, Sophia is highly discreet and is respectful of family space, fitting effortlessly into client’s homes.

Spoken Languages

  • English



Level 3 – The role of the Postnatal Carer/Non-Medical Maternity Nursing


Post Natal Care/Non-Medical Maternity Nursing


Sophia has been involved within professional childcare since 2011

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May 12, 2022

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