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Maternity Nurse

Location: UK and Overseas

Reference: CAEM-332


Starting her career in 1977, Beth worked as a Daily Nanny, Special Needs Teaching Assistant and Nursery Assistant before transitioning into newborn care after almost 30 years in Early Years Education. After completing two voluntary positions caring for newborns, in 2015 Beth completed her OCN accredited NEST Maternity Nurse training and since then has proved to be a highly skilled and well-liked Maternity Nurse.  Beth has completed courses in advanced breastfeeding, care of multiples, premature babies, reflux and allergies allowing her to advise using the very latest advances and approaches to newborn care. Beth has an array of transferrable skills gained from previous roles with Nurseries and as a Nanny, allowing her to advise on each stage of a baby’s development and expertly support each milestone.

Highly experienced in the childcare professional, Beth offers exceptional Maternity care with her invaluable experience.  Happy to follow and confidently implement either baby-led approaches, along with more structured routines championed by Gina Ford and Tracey Hogg. With a keen eye for detail and taking a patient and consistent approach to caring for baby, Beth is remarkable at encouraging babies to self-sooth and self-settle, training, in the early weeks, babies with unbroken sleep.  Combined with not only taking expert care of newborns wellbeing, Beth also provides incredible support for postpartum mums – allowing for much-needed rest and recuperation.

Beth is looking 24 hour positions in the UK or overseas


  • Maternity Nurse
  • Overseas Maternity Nurse
  • Twins Maternity Nurse


With her relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth manner, Beth puts families at ease and immediately reduces the natural anxieties familiar to new parents. Extremely adaptable and highly organised, Beth uses her knowledge to find solutions based on her wide range of experience. On a personal level, Beth is discreet, well-mannered and interesting, providing the perfect balance of 24 hour support, good company as well as offering space for families to get to welcome new additions and adjust to parenthood.

Spoken Languages

  • English


Advanced Breastfeeding
Sleep Training

Be Ready to Parent
Reflux and Early Allergies Training Day

Developmental Baby Massage Certified Teacher

Postnatal Care/non-medical Maternity Nursing Diploma

Miskin Maternity
Expressing & Bottle-feeding to support breastfeeding
Active and Passive winding techniques
Establishing breastfeeding routines
Breast anatomy, milk production & composition
Positioning & attachment
Early day trouble shooting

The Makaton Charity
The Makaton Foundation Workshop

University of Plymouth
BSc in Combined Social Science [First Class Honours]

Cornwall County Council
Safeguarding Children Tier 2 Session
EYFS20 – Communication Enabling Environments
EYFS19 – Talk to Me! Children’s Centre Cluster Training
EYFS21 – ICT for Talk
EYFS02 – SENCO Induction Days
EYFS03 – IDP: Speech, Language and Communication Needs – Modules 2 and 3
An Introduction to the IDP Materials
Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning
Safeguarding Children Tier 2 Workshop
EYFS18 – Understanding and Responding to Young Children’s Behaviour
EYFS11 – Getting Together-A Practical Guide to Work with Parents and Holding Meetings
EYFS31 – Letters and Sounds
EYFS Part 3: Observing Children, Planning for Learning
EYFS Part 2: Principles into Practice


Beth has been involved in professional childcare since 1977

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February 11, 2020

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