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Maternity Nurse

Location: UK and Overseas

Reference: MA-1129327


A wonderfully experienced childcare professional, Melinda will support families with her extensive awareness and understanding of baby care, using her skills gained over the course of over 17 years.


In 2003, Melinda started her career as an Au Pair and continued as a Nanny and Mother’s Help in several roles over the period of 10 years.  After supporting families with newborns, she knew that she wanted to work as a Maternity Nurse so in 2013 she completed a nationally recognised Maternity Practitioner Award and started her first job as a Maternity Nurse.  Melinda has established herself as a professional and experienced Maternity Nurse and has cared for single and twin babies and is regularly asked to return to previous families to support them.

Melinda provides outstanding care and attention to all her babies and families, using her extensive knowledge on breastfeeding and all aspects of newborn care.  Incredibly thoughtful, Melinda loves to teach and reassure parents, building their confidence, whilst providing emotional support to all the family.  Exceeding expectations, Melinda has a natural ability with babies and will gentle provide good sleep training and feeding routines, shaping her approach around family lifestyles and schedules.

Melinda is looking for 24-hours, nights or days with singles or twins anywhere in the UK or Overseas.


  • Daily Maternity Nurse
  • Maternity Nurse
  • Night Maternity Nurse
  • Overseas Maternity Nurse


With a happy, friendly and amicable manner, Melinda remains calm and confident and has the awareness to help when required.  Proactive and easy to be around, Melinda remains professional and will respect family time, whilst being totally organised and passionate about her roles.  Many families have confirmed how priceless her support and time has been and has been provided amazing feedback for her positions and responsibilities. Multilingual, Melinda speaks fluent Hungarian and Romanian and understands basic French and Spanish.

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Spanish


MNT Training Ltd

Maternity Practitioner Award


Melinda has been involved within professional childcare since 2003

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October 14, 2020

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