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Security Manager

Location: Anywhere in the UK

Reference: CAAS - 3131


Eden Private staff have just registered a highly experienced and vigilant security manager who has a strong hands-on and trainer background. He is now looking for a new position where he can utilise his skills.


He has had a fantastic career, starting out in the Hampshire Police force he quickly took several development courses including advanced driving, firearms and counter terrorism training, as well as passing his promotion exams. Keen to progress in protection he moved over to the Metropolitan Police and became a Personal Protection Officer for various members of the British Royal Family where he was responsible for keeping up to date with their schedules, venue reconnaissance, liaising with venue staff to plan the itinerary, exit routes, and emergency plan, protect the family of intruding paparazzi, and occasional driving. He would accompany his principal’s on overseas travels for official and private trips. He performed the role of team leader in several operations in numerous countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan.


In more recent times he has taken on a number of assignments where he has provided close protection and consultancy services. Tasks having included giving travel security training to over 50,000 employees, security project management, deliver Close Protection, Firearms and Antihijack courses, security surveys for private residences. For private families, he has recruited and managed security teams, plan travel logistics, children security, liaise with PAs and other staff members to understand the principal’s plan for the day/week, and team the family to become more safety aware.


He is a professional candidate who has a lot of experience and skills under his belt. He is very confident at taking a hands-on security role as well as managing and training others. He is personable while still maintaining a professional relationship with his employers and will make them feel at ease and safe while in his care.




  • Experienced close protection contract manager
  • Proven ability to manage budgets and staff
  • Ability to work as part of a team in numerous roles or as an individual.
  • Previous experience of being sole protection operative, planning and carrying out close protection operations throughout the world
  • International experience of managing security contracts for industrial, Oil and Gas companies and private UHNW individuals in Canada, USA, Mexico
  • Over 20 years, experience of training close protection teams for private clients and government agencies
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Police advanced and anti-hijack trained driver
  • Smith and Wesson Military/Police firearms instructor
  • Kidnap and ransom management trained

Spoken Languages

  • English

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August 1, 2019

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