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Road Safety Week 14th- 20th November

This is an annual event organised by the road safety charity ‘BRAKE’ and this year’s theme is ‘SAFE ROADS FOR ALL’.

This is the biggest road safety awareness event & campaign in the UK and Brake use it as a platform to promote and raise awareness of road safety and potential dangers on the roads to the general public, schools and all road users. They also use this opportunity to remember people affected by road death and injury and help raise funds so Brake can care for more road victims and campaign for safer roads for everyone.

During Road Safety Week, hundreds of organisations, schools, colleges and communities participate in road safety demonstrations, events, awareness video screenings, talks and much more.

Also during Road Safety Week, the police will often be seen out and about doing roadside checks of vehicles for safety, highlighting the dangers of poorly maintained vehicles and offering advice to drivers, or running speed checks and reminding the general public of how speeding is a major cause of accidents and contributor to deaths through road accidents.

Schools are encouraged during road safety week to participate in teaching best practise road safety to their children and most importantly use is as an opportunity to teach The Highway Code or safety when crossing roads. Schools can also undertake cycling proficiency tests and enforce the importance of wearing a cycle helmet and high visibility clothing at all times when out cycling.

Other venues that can benefit from road safety week are riding schools and equestrian centres. They can hold important safety talks for riders who need to ride on the road.

Through the press, social media and many diverse public events we can all learn about and be reminded of safer driving techniques, statistics relating to bad driving, road accidents/incidents, speed awareness, the use of mobile phones at the wheel, the new hierarchy of road users and the importance of inclusivity to keep us all safe on the roads, no matter who we are or how we travel.

The event has great scope to reach many people across the nation and remind them of road safety, thus potentially preventing many accidents.

If you are interested, you can register with BRAKE to run a road safety event and they will send out an action pack to help get you started!

Drive safely!


November 13, 2022

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