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Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day!

Thursday 7th December 2023

Every year, ‘Save The Children’ launch their campaign for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’. This is a great opportunity to kick off the festive and charitable season with a fun & giving event. Whether at work, school, home or any communities/groups that come together, you will make a big difference to other people’s lives by donating whatever you can to this great cause This is a good & easy one too for children to get involved in. Not only could they get creative and decorate their own jumpers, but they will also see for themselves that by donating a relatively small amount (for example schools often ask pupils to donate £1 or £2 for the privilege of wearing their Christmas jumper to school!) it can add up to a lot for those much less fortunate than themselves.

The History of Christmas Jumper Day…

Christmas Jumper Day has its roots in charitable initiatives, primarily in the United Kingdom. It gained popularity as a festive and charitable tradition where people could express their holiday spirit while raising funds for great causes.

The holiday jumper has become a symbol of togetherness during the holiday season and Christmas Jumper Day encourages individuals to embrace this tradition and make a positive impact on their communities.

Thursday 7th December is the date for this year’s Christmas Jumper Day and everyone is encouraged to find/create and wear their most over the top, bright, colourful and festive holiday jumper, adorned with lots of jolly designs and festive motifs of course!

Whilst this is obviously a bit of festive fun and fuels the Christmas spirit, on a more a serious level it marks an important date for Save The Children to provide vital funds and resources to those so desperately in need. It is such an important day for its’ charitable purpose and everyone is encouraged to donate what they can to the ‘Save the Children’ initiative to help have a positive impact during the holiday season.

How You Can Participate in Christmas Jumper Day 2023

Get involved by:

  • Wearing your festive jumper!
  • Donating to the Save The Children campaign
  • Organising a Jumper Day Event yourself by encouraging your workplace, school, or community group to participate
  • Sharing the Fun! Take photos of your festive jumper or a group of you wearing your Christmas jumpers and share them on social media using the official hashtag for Christmas Jumper Day – spread joy and the message…
  • Supporting a local business: you could consider purchasing your Christmas jumper from a local business or local artisans and support both small enterprises and sustainability

We hope you enjoy your Christmas Jumper Day 2023 and wish you well for the festive season.



December 4, 2023

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