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Yes, the holidays are a little way off yet, but there is never any harm in a bit of planning and preparation!

If you have plans to host a house full of guests this year or are planning a drinks or dinner party you may wish to consider hiring some much needed help in order to make your occasion/celebration as stress free and enjoyable as possible!

Here’s where Eden can help…

We can start searching in advance to find the best candidates to work for you. This could be for a few days, a few weeks or going forward you may want to find a permanent member of staff for next year.

Here is a round-up of the type of seasonal staff available & how they could help you:

  • Family Cook/Chef: shopping and food preparation takes time and also if you want to have something a little more adventurous on your menus, a skilled and professional Cook/Chefmay be the answer. Additionally, many chefs are knowledgeable about and experienced in cooking certain types of international cuisine such as Mediterranean, French, Asian, Middle Eastern & Japanese. A professional Cook/Chef will be able to cater for guests with specific dietary requirements such as coeliac/gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, dairy & nut free.
  • Driver/Chauffeur: as you go out and about, you could enjoy the freedom of being dropped off at your destination and collected at a time of your choosing –  all within the comfort and safety of your own car and driver.
  • Nanny/Maternity Nurse:busy families can always use an extra pair of hands! A Nanny or Maternity Nurse could be the solution and would give you peace of mind that your child/children are happy and occupied! A Maternity Nurse could also provide some much needed rest for parents.
  • HousekeeperButleror A Household Couple: spend more time with your guests! Professional housekeepers, butlers or a couple can get on with the job of managing the household and family/guests’ needs while you enjoy your time with them. These members of staff are trained to support you and anticipate your needs and tune in to the daily rhythm of your house and its’ guests.
  • Personal Assistant(PA): this could be the perfect time for a bit of forward planning! Book appointments and plan ahead for next year, overhaul your filing system, improve your office processes? A PA could get all this done for you so you can start the New Year with a well organised office and diary. You could even hire a PA to write your business Christmas cards or order and send those important corporate gifts.
  • Gardener: this is the perfect time of year to ‘put the garden to bed’ for the winter. This is a great seasonal role for a competent Gardener who has the knowledge and expertise of what needs to be done at this time of year/early next year (pruning, chopping, clearing, composting, mulching etc!). If you ever look out of your window at the garden and wish it looked a bit more up together, then this is the perfect solution for you!
  • Security(Property) or Close Protection (Personal): if you plan to be away for a few days or have an extended holiday booked you may wish for your property to be taken care of in your absence. You may also wish for either yourself or a family member to have some Close Protection. Peace of mind and reassurance are key to enjoying a stress free holiday.
  • Handyman:if you often find yourself thinking about all those jobs – large or small – that need doing, but never seem to get done, then here is the perfect solution! A Handyman can attend to a huge variety of jobs such as hanging pictures, putting up shelves or mirrors and repairing pretty much anything both inside the house and outside too.

If you think you would benefit from any of these services (or others that we can provide) on a seasonal/temporary or full/part-time basis anywhere in the UK or abroad, please call Eden to discuss your staffing requirements. We can also offer you general advice and guidance on employing staff.

The Eden Private Staff Team can be contacted on +44 (0) 207 4716000.

November 16, 2022

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