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Skincare Tips for Lockdown and Beyond…….

As the summer months approach, we may not be looking forward to a ‘normal’ summer holiday this year, but we can still make sure that even if we are just sunning ourselves in the garden or local park, we can still prepare our skin and take good care of it. Heat and environmental pollution often leaves your skin dull and tired and maintaining healthy, radiant skin is certainly viable for everyone. So, here are 5 key tips which will help enhance and protect the quality of your skin.

  1. Incorporate antioxidants into your routine:

Using an antioxidant serum can hugely affect the extent of your skin’s hydration, whilst boosting collagen production and capturing free radicals – often the culprits for premature ageing and skin sagging. Apply an antioxidant serum once a day and your skin should retain its glow, along with the added benefit of ageing protection.

  1. Regularly exfoliate:

Exfoliation is critical for clearing skin debris and dead skin cells, so should already be part of your routine. However, summer is the most important time to aid cell turnover and keep skin clear. Depending on your skin type, increased oil production or worsening dryness is perfectly natural, but can be limited through the use of a gentle exfoliant. A mask, cream or homemade remedy (oats or coffee grounds for example) will work a treat, allowing brightness and radiance to emerge from under sun-worn skin.

  1. Change your moisturiser:

Changing your everyday moisturiser can make the world of difference to skin tone and clarity. Winter creams will clog pores and encourage extra grease, which under sun cream will not result in happy and blemish-free skin. To avoid this situation, switch up your moisturiser to a lightweight and non-oily formula which will sit well under sun cream whilst protecting your skin’s moisture barrier.

  1. Go natural:

Specialised and clinically developed skincare products assuredly look after your skin, however home-made skin remedies and tailored mixes can elevate your routine to going that extra mile. Kitchen ingredients such as oatmeal, coffee grounds (exfoliants), honey (perfect for soothing sunburn), cucumber and plain yoghurt can be combined into scrubs, masks and even sprays. Your skin will thank you for returning to natural ingredients as many shop-bought products are sometimes overloaded with chemicals and potential allergens.

  1. Hydration!

It seems obvious, but the importance of drinking 2-3 litres a day to hydrate your body and skin cannot be emphasised enough. Water will not only flush the toxins out from your skin, resulting in a clear and smooth surface, but also prevents dehydration, which is essential for cell turnover. Skin starved of water is always lacklustre and congested.

So, whatever your summer looks like this year, you can still promise yourself healthy and lovely, nourished skin.

May 12, 2020

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