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We definitely cannot ignore the many messages around us about how we are destroying our seas and environment through the over use of plastic – particularly single use plastics.  So what practical changes can we make to our everyday routines and lives that will help with this dilemma?

Of course we can recycle, but it seems that this alone will never be enough anymore, so how about adopting some of these simple ‘plastic-free switches’ which can easily be incorporated into our households:

  1. Swap hand wash for good old fashioned soap

Have you ever thought about the sheer number of plastic bottles in your house that could be replaced by a humble bar of soap? Most of us have a bottle of plastic hand wash next to every sink in the house and probably a bottle or two of shower gel and bath foam (at the very least!) in the bathroom.

So, whilst a bar of soap admittedly seems somehow rather quaint and somewhat old-fashioned now, it is a super simple solution! There is also good news that a bar of soap these days needn’t be boring! There are some wonderful independent soap makers out there, making sustainable palm oil free soaps that are good for you and good for the planet too. They also use the most amazing array of natural ingredients that smell divine.Take a look at the range of soaps at the ‘All Natural Soap Co’ (they even do an all-natural wooden soap dish to hold the soap for you) or try ‘The Soap Co’s’ ‘wool wrapped pebble’ (they are also launching a full range of plastic-free products this autumn) or ‘The Soap Folk’ who make certified organic natural soaps (in rather beautiful packaging!).

  1. Swap clingfilm for beeswax wraps

Although it is possible to recycle clean clingfilm, a much better idea is simply to avoid using it altogether. Good old Tupperware (yes, still plastic, but not single use) is of course still OK for keeping leftovers fresh, but for real advancement and if you want to aim for zero waste supplies, then have a look at beeswax wraps. Here are two great British companies: ‘Swizzle & Friends’ who make beautifully vibrant beeswax wraps or ‘Bee Bee’ who make very pretty organic cotton wraps.

  1. Say goodbye to the lunchtime’ single use’

If you have young children of a certain age, you’ll probably find that you get through endless pouches of pureed food and drink sachets every week.

So, take a look at a much better and viable alternative, such as re-usable replacements from ‘Nom Nom’, who make: “Fun Reusable Food Pouches & Snack Bags for kids on the go”.

These pouches are really cute and will brighten up your child’s mealtimes.

 Also, for your own lunches, make a pledge to stop using the plastic carton covered takeaway lunch boxes/trays. Instead trade up to a reusable, plastic free lunchbox. Try ‘Nature & My’, a British company that makes plastic free, ethically sourced lunch boxes that are 100% biodegradable as they are made from organic rice husk. (They also do a plastic free, on the go coffee mug and a stainless steel BPA free water bottle).

  1. Swap your shampoo bottle for a solid bar

There’s more to be done in the bathroom! Even if you have made the switch to a bar of soap, you may still have other single use plastic bottles lurking – for example your shampoo bottle.

Try out solid shampoo bars to replace your regular bottle – ‘Wild Sage & Co’ do a lovely organic apple cider and rosemary oil shampoo bar which comes wrapped in compostable paper…see what you think!

Embrace the plastic free switch and do something positive today!

July 8, 2019

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