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Spotlight on ‘Domestic Couples’

If you are a Client and unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘Domestic Couple’, then here is a brief overview of the role and the enormous benefits it can bring to a busy household!

And, if you are a professional Domestic Couple seeking employment, we greatly value your skills, experience and knowledge, so please do get in touch and see how we can help you.

Here is what you need to know…

The employment of a Domestic Couple in private households is an area where we have seen considerable growth.

More and more clients are seeing the many benefits that hiring a Domestic Couple can offer them and their family.

Busy households will relish the flexibility and the wide range of skills a Couple can bring to the workplace.

Here are just some of the main advantages and benefits of engaging a Domestic Couple to work for you:

  • They are a cost effective solution– you will be paying a joint salary as opposed to hiring a number of different people for individual roles & jobs
  • You can expect great teamwork – the Couple are used to working together to get jobs done
  • You will receive maximum flexibilityaround jobs – the Couple will take on a wide variety of jobs that need doing and going forward they are able to multi-task/take on new tasks as the role grows with them
  • You can be reassured of home securityas the Couple can take care of things in your absence
  • Pets/animalscan be cared for at home/in their usual surroundings which is much less stressful for them and gives you peace of mind
  • You can expect a smooth runningand well organised household. As directed, the Couple can liaise on your behalf with contractors, builders, workmen, deal with deliveries/goods and services to the property and look after tutors, visitors etc
  • Overall, you can benefit from continuity and an uninterrupted flow to the working and rhythm of your home


Of course there are a huge variety and combination of Domestic Couple roles which clients might like to consider – which is just as well because every clients’ home and requirements are unique!

Most often the ‘Couple’ will be a male/female combination whereby the woman takes charge of the domestic arrangements in the house and the man may oversee external work (garden/cars/upkeep of grounds) but will undertake ‘handyman’ type jobs inside as well. This is by no means set in stone of course and lots of different combinations exist, including the man being employed solely inside the house, such as a House Manager or Butler.

Many clients are also looking for someone with a particular specialist knowledge, for example of gardening/horticulture, the care of antiques, silverware & artwork, specialist culinary skills or classic cars (to name but a few!).

These combined roles are not limited and you may have something very much more unusual for us up your sleeve!

So, if you need a PA/House Manager, a Helicopter Pilot/Dog Walker, a Yacht Skipper/Chef or Estate Management Couple then please just ask and leave it to us to find the right people with the right skill-set for you.

For an initial chat or advice please call the Eden Household Team on

0207 4716000  –  their skill, experience and commitment means you could have a great Domestic Couple working for you very soon.

Similarly if you are a Domestic Couple seeking employment, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss current roles with you.

If you would also like to learn more about the different role combinations, please have a look on our website under the heading ‘Private Staff’ then ‘professional Domestic Couple’.


June 4, 2021

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Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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