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The changing role of today’s butler

Within the past century, the role of butler has dramatically transformed in response to shifting social trends and the changing roles and responsibilities that are expected of them in modern day society. Despite this significant shift in duties, modern day butlers still retain their distinguished and highly sought after private staff position within many prestigious households and estates.

According to statistics reported by the International Guild of Professional Butlers, there has been a steady increase in the number of butlers within the past 30 years and a significant surge of employment has taken placed during the past 10 years. Moreover, there are currently several million professional butlers working in employment across the globe. In fact, the Guild itself is affiliated with approximately 10,000 international butlers.

Many private staff officials have suggested that this ever-increasing employment trend is due to the fact that the role of butler has evolved throughout the late 20th and early 21st century to encompass all manner of household management responsibilities. As a result, attentive, respectable and conscientious butlers continue to prove instrumental in ensuring a busy household is run smoothly and efficiently. Consequently, if you have been considering employing private staff for your household then the following guide will illustrate why employing a butler may be an ideal solution.

The changing roles and responsibilities of a butler

Depending upon the size of the household in question and the individual requirements of the homeowners, a modern day butler can be relied upon to carry out a broad spectrum of general household duties, estate management and administrative tasks.

Similarly to a traditional butler, the primary role and responsibility of a modern day butler is to attend to the needs of their employer. However, whereas traditional butlers are usually thought of as highly formal individuals serving drinks on silver trays, today’s butlers are responsible for a vast array of different duties which can be individually tailored to accommodate for the individual needs of their employer and to compliment the particular lifestyle of the household in question. As a result, modern day butlers may adopt either a formal or informal persona and carry out a wide variety of duties which range from supervising other members of staff to providing childcare provisions and chauffeuring members of the household to work, school or formal events. As such, the general household duties of today’s butlers may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the household is run in a smooth and efficient manner at all times,
  • Remaining attentive to the needs of every member of the household,
  • Maintaining direct communication and compliance with their employer, their specific needs and personal domestic staffing preferences,
  • Cleaning, cooking and carrying out general household maintenance,
  • Gardening and overseeing the maintenance of the grounds of the estate,
  • Organising social events,
  • Serving refreshments and drinks,
  • Arranging formal table service at dinner parties,
  • Welcoming and entertaining guests,
  • Running errands and chauffeuring members of the household,
  • Maintaining all household vehicles in excellent condition,
  • Providing or supervising childcare provisions and tuition,
  • Taking care of family pets,
  • Paying household bills and organising repairs,
  • Supervising the estate whilst the homeowners are at work or on holiday,
  • Caring for valuable possessions such as antiques, wine, silverware, china, paintings and classic vehicles,
  • Overseeing shoots and hunts at countryside estates,
  • Keeping records of household administrative activities,
  • Overseeing the installation and operation of household security systems and communications networks,
  • Facilitating a flexible work schedule which accommodates for the demands of the household.

In addition to carrying out these general household duties, modern day butlers may also be responsible for the management of other household private staff. For instance, a professional butler can be relied upon to dismiss, hire and train new members of staff, manage all employee payroll processing, integrate new candidates within the existing household machinations and carry out monthly and annual performance reviews. By doing so, butlers can ensure that each and every member of the household’s staff is operating to their optimum potential and that the household as a whole is functioning at maximum productivity at all times.

Furthermore, a butler can also be depended upon to oversee the administrative operations of the entire household. From meeting with external contractors, service providers and suppliers in order to facilitate the wishes of the homeowner, to managing ongoing household gardening, renovation and construction projects as well as orchestrating important household manuals and essential policy documents which need to be sanctioned by the homeowner, a professional and dedicated butler can prove instrumental to the cogent and fluid running of every single household operation.

The benefits of hiring today’s butlers

As the role of butler continues to expand and evolve over the years in conjunction with the demands of modern day life, so do the numerous benefits of employing such an individual to improve the quality of life of all the members of your household.

One of the main benefits of hiring a modern day butler is the fact that you can tailor their individual roles and responsibilities to suit your household and lifestyle. Irrespective of whether you are a single businessman, a couple or a family, and regardless of whether you own one large manor house or a multitude of city-based homes and countryside estates, you can be matched with a butler who will possess the necessary academic qualifications and on-the-job experience to diligently attend to all of your day-to-day household chores and administrational needs. By doing so, you can rest assured that your butler will manage and operate all aspects of your estate in a consistent, cost-effective and efficient manner; thereby leaving you free to rest and relax after a hectic day at work.

Furthermore, modern day butlers are well versed in the various technological software and security systems that are fitted within new homes. Irrespective of whether your home is fitted with smart home capabilities, state of the art security systems and lavish wine cellars, courtyards or commercial kitchen equipment,  today’s butlers will have been educated on how to ensure that all of these technological systems will operate in collaboration with one another. In so doing, today’s butlers can facilitate a relaxing, rewarding and entertaining home life for you and your family.

By hiring a modern day butler you and your family will have their every need and want attended to by a conscientious, hardworking professional who will conduct themselves in a highly respectable and personable manner. You will be matched with a candidate whose individual skills, personality, work experience and academic attributes are best suited to your household; from candidates who are fluent in many languages to individuals who possess either extensive childcare qualifications, targeted countryside estate expertise or astute financial acumen.

Once you decided upon your ideal modern day butler candidate, this hardworking individual will adapt their workplace practices to compliment the lifestyle and day-to-day practices of your household. They will be on call, whatever the hour, come rain or shine, to attend to the needs of your household and to make your lives easier. In fact, many households who employ butlers find that these exemplary members of private staff integrate themselves within their home life so seamlessly that they stay working with them and supporting their family for generations!

How Eden Private Staff can help

At Eden Private Staff our team of domestic staff recruitment specialists recognise how pivotal professional butlers can be to ensuring the calm and efficient running of a household. As such, we have remained dedicated to amassing a candidate database that is solely comprised of respectable, hardworking butlers who have earned exceptional career credentials and academically certified attributes.

Over the past 25 years, our Eden Private Staff team have refined our innovative candidate selection process in order to match you and your family with your ideal modern day butler. By collaborating with one of our recruitment specialists we will be able to ascertain your particular candidate preferences and household requirements in order to offer you a bespoke search consultancy service. Throughout this entire process we will offer you targeted support and domestic staff guidance as well as presenting you with a broad selection of appropriate candidates; all of whom will have undergone strict personality testing, academic accreditation and background checks.

From here, you will be able to peruse the personal and professional information of each candidate and arrange interviews with the applicants of you’re choosing to resolve any queries you may have. Consequently, this advanced candidate selection process will ensure that you will be matched with a professional, amicable and attentive butler who will uphold our strict code of ethics and who will be sufficiently qualified and experienced to serve your household in the exemplary manner to which you are accustomed.

August 6, 2015

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