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The Role of an ‘All Rounder’

(This role can also be known as: a General Manager, Estate/Property Manager, Person Friday, Handy Man/Woman or an Absolute Godsend!).

The role of an ‘All Rounder’ is exactly what it describes. The person you employ will have gained ‘all round’ experience in the role and will be capable of turning their hand to a great many different tasks

as they will have a wide ranging skill-set.

Being able to turn their hand to a variety of different tasks means there is huge flexibility for the employer to utilise their skills both inside and outside. An All Rounder could be deployed just within the home or if the employer has large gardens or a farm then they may be required to undertake tasks outside in the gardens or on an estate and its’ farm buildings.

Growth in the sector and demand for this type of role to be filled by experienced and flexible candidates indicates that our clients are often happy to consolidate and combine a number of key roles into one overall senior position.

We have also seen that candidates have learnt to adapt and evolve, finding that the more flexible and versatile they are the better their job prospects. Offering more skills and being willing to take on more responsibilities with perhaps special skills required, greatly broadens job opportunities.

The responsibilities and duties of an ‘All Rounder’ are, by nature of the title, hard to pinpoint exactly. Each clients’ needs will be completely different and every candidate will possess unique skills, experience and qualifications.

It is possible however, to take a look at some of the ‘typical’ responsibilities within the role and the Eden Team are also able to shed light on what, in their experience, an ‘All Rounder’ can expect to be asked of them and what they might find on their ‘to do’ list!


Examples of the Types of Responsibilities in an All Rounder Role:

  • Property maintenance and security (this could be one house or several properties within a portfolio or farm buildings)
  • Household maintenance tasks and light household duties: eg changing lightbulbs/fuses, putting out recycling/bins, general DIY
  • Working with a Housekeeper helping with general household tasks (vaccuming, dusting, cleaning, tidying, laundry, beds, shoe/boot cleaning, watering plants)
  • Driving e.g. airport runs, school run, errands
  • Cars: keeping clean/valeting, MOT & general upkeep & maintenance
  • General household errands e.g local shopping, post office, dry cleaning
  • Silver polishing/antique care
  • Pet care eg: dog walking, feeding, grooming, trips to the vet
  • Fireplace eg: cleaning, clearing and laying of fire, collecting logs
  • Assisting with heavy items e.g luggage, shopping, deliveries etc
  • Helping in the kitchen with food preparation
  • Fruit/vegetable/flower picking from the garden
  • Gardening eg: weeding, mowing, planting, clearing, pruning, sweeping and/or pond maintenance
  • Organising & supervising contractors to the property eg: liaising with visitors and checking progress of the work


The All Rounder role is definitely all-encompassing and may suit many households. For more advice and information on hiring an All Rounder or registering your interest, please contact the Eden Team on 0207 4716000 or email us at: eps@edenprivatestaff.com

May 20, 2022

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