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Thoughts For A New Year

It’s always difficult to know what sort of blog to start the New Year with, however, we do feel the need to lead you ‘gently’ into 2022.

Yes, of course there is a place for promises, resolutions, goals and achievements and given the right encouragement, these can all happen and be fulfilled!

Today though, why not just have a think about the year ahead, where you might like to be this time next year and take the time to look particularly at the ‘smaller’ picture for a change (we are always told to look at the ‘big’ picture). Realise and really see that what really matters is the day by day, step by step approach that constitutes the ‘journey’ to where we want to be.

You can apply this to any situation: professional & personal development, a house move, getting fitter, saving money/investing wisely and so on. These are all big picture items on your agenda. Think about how they can be looked at from the ‘small picture’ perspective and start by taking bite sized chunks, rather than trying to bite off and chew the whole damn lot whole! (which, by the way can lead to disappointment).

It also means you can take a slower approach and not put yourself under any pressure!

So, instead of setting yourself a target of running a marathon by the end of January (!) why not scale it back to small, every day wins. For example to kick start your fitness programme walk or cycle to work/to the shops or get off public transport one stop earlier; save money by deciding that for one day a week you will try not to actually spend any money (if you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t!); promise yourself a 15 minute window each day to read up on or research about professional & self – development/studying to improve yourself/investments or whatever it is you want to become better informed about.

By taking smaller steps and by gently leading yourself along your own path/journey you will undoubtedly find it more enjoyable and a much more positive experience. Each week (or even each day) you will come to realise that you are achieving and progressing all the time and at this pleasant pace, you can easily change the goal posts/direction any time you like without it disrupting everything or sending you crashing back to the beginning.

Good luck with your dreams and goals for 2022 and of course…


January 3, 2022

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