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Tips For New Year Fitness Motivation

Many of us are guilty of planning a significant health and body transformation after an indulgent Christmas, but then in the wake of New Year’s celebrations and a newly packed schedule, never act on those plans. There is always some bigger priority to attend to; whether that be organising your finances, your career, family, health problems or you simply run out of time. Yes, your excuses may bear some weight, but with the correct motivation, fitness should find a sacred place in your routine and you’ll find no excuse will justify sacrificing your health.

This New Year, take a refreshing approach to your fitness plans, treating them as an opportunity rather than a penalty for unhealthy habits and a long-term lifestyle change which will invigorate the mind, body and soul.

And here’s how to get started!…

Set yourself clear and achievable goals:

Your foundation to a successful fitness journey should begin with clear, bitesize and realistic goals that you can get excited about. Firmly avoid making your goals too rigid or inflexible: as you discover your strengths, likes and dislikes your goals will evolve. Therefore, write down your personal targets and also why you are setting out these aims – this way you will never lose sight of your original, most powerful motivations.

Focus on inner health not body image:

A shift in mindset from external to internal can produce remarkable results. Avoid working out purely because you dislike your body image: you will find your goals will become less achievable, exercising becomes a chore and your motivation will be sapped by frustration at what you perceive to be limited physical improvement. If you want to develop fitness as a passion and make it an enjoyable hobby, focus on the internal health you are bringing to your body. Not only will you feel more fulfilled, but you will remain on track with your goals and your health will thrive.

A new workout wardrobe:

Buying a new and flattering selection of gym attire can be incredibly effective in kick-starting your fitness regime – you will want to be the part if you look the part. Investing in some lightweight and breathable sweat-wicking leggings, bras, shorts (check out Fabletics!) or shock-absorbing trainers will have you visualising yourself working out like a pro in an instant. The more excited you are and positive toward your plan, the more likely you are to carry through.

Helpful apps or gadgets:

If you struggle with organisation, need workout ideas or want to be disciplined with your goals, using technology will be an invaluable tool for you. A Fitbit for example, will ensure you meet your daily goals and compel you to work hard during training: the software is designed to be satisfying and foster ambition, so in combination with accurately measuring your fitness accomplishments, you will find yourself more driven in general. Regarding workout ideas, do your research to find an app that will suit your mode of workout and you will find a treasure trove of ideas, often a motivated community of fellow users and a support system that will make your goals ever more achievable (personal coaching is a common feature on such apps).

Once you incorporate these 4 elements into your motivational plan, you will witness some striking results. Perhaps take your fitness journey with a friend or relative so you can share your experience, but most importantly be kind to yourself and have patience with results.

Good Luck!

December 31, 2021

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