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Top 10 Picnic Tips for the Summer

With a little planning and a bit of good luck (can’t always rely on the great British weather!) you could have a really fun & (relatively) hassle free picnic. There is something for everyone at a picnic and it can be a lovely, exciting way to get the children involved too! Let them choose something each to take as a treat and also let them help you make sandwiches or cakes/biscuits to take. Whatever you decide, it can be a great interactive experience!

So here’s a few tried and tested picnic tips to help things go with a swing…

  1. If possible, before you go, choose a suitable venue/spot. Consider how far you will need to walk (children/grandma & grandpa) and how far you will need to carry everything!
  2. Don’t forget to pack a few key essentials such as wet wipes, kitchen roll/paper towel, hand sanitiser, rubbish bags, sun cream and insect repellent. But mainly don’t forget a big blanket to sit on!
  3. Make your own bug repellent by putting a few drops of essential peppermint oil into a small bottle and spray/drop it liberally around the edges of your picnic blanket to deter flies and ants (who apparently hate the smell of peppermint!)
  4. Disposable cutlery and paper plates are light to carry but involve too much waste. So, in the spirit of environmental consciousness, take your own plates & reusable glasses and help the environment!
  5. There’s nothing worse than lukewarm drinks, so fill a thermos flask with ice cubes and dispense as required!
  6. Similarly, freeze small bottles of water so everyone has a lovely chilled drink by the time you get there (on the journey, the bottles also act as very good coolers for the food).
  7. Lay all the food out at once so nothing is getting warm/going off/forgotten/melting in containers and will be eaten fresh. Let everyone pick and choose savoury or sweet first (and be relaxed about the children starting with something sweet!).
  8. If you are a large group of friends/family encourage everyone to bring a cushion each for a bit more comfort!
  9. To keep cups upright and not forever falling over on uneven ground, pack a muffin tray which will hold the cups for you (obviously check first that the cups you are taking fit!).
  10. Take something fun to do/play. Easy options are a ball or a Frisbee or why not teach everyone how to play charades!


Enjoy your day and make the most of being in the great outdoors!

August 26, 2022

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