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Top Tips for Feeding Your Baby

There is so much information out there! Friends, family, the internet, books, new trends, old trends, old wives tales etc etc etc! and it can all be a bit daunting or confusing (especially if you are a new mother) to know where to begin when it comes to feeding.

If you have a Maternity Nurse or Maternity Nanny, you will definitely find them a great resource for the best tips and feeding methods which have been tried and tested. If you don’t currently have any help and are just looking for some good advice on practical feeding tips, then here are some that have been gleaned over the years to help you with your baby’s feeding routine:

  • Keep in mind that babies under 12 months do not need snacks. If you think that your baby is hungry in between meals then the best advice is to offer them extra milk feeds
  • At around 6 months old, when you start thinking about offering your child some solid foods, bear in mind that it is best to start with grains and vegetables first before you then try them on fruits and higher protein foods. By doing it this way round, you will prevent your child from expecting that all food tastes sweet and they will have had a chance to experience and get used to other flavours first
  • Try as much as possible to introduce natural, wholefoods first before going ahead with processed foods such as jam or fruit juices (for the same reasons as above)
  • When you decide to introduce new foods, flavours and textures, use timing to your advantage by introducing them when they are at their most hungry!
  • Try and follow your baby’s hunger levels and food preferences as much as possible whilst at the same time try to gently expand their repertoire with more high-quality, nutrient-rich choices
  • At each meal, try and offer a variety of food which gives them the opportunity to pick and choose a little bit!
  • Make mealtimes as regular as possible and make sure you sit at the table with them. Also, if siblings or the whole family are at the table too, let them see what everybody else is eating and create a bit of curiosity – you never know they may just want to try something new!

Hopefully by adopting some of the tips and advice above, your baby will reach 12 months having experienced a good, nutritious, wide variety of mashed and pureed foods including: avocado, green vegetables, eggs, mashed beans & lentils, meat, chicken, some fish and various fruits.

Parenting we all acknowledge is hard work and of course every child is unique so be prepared to try lots of different foods using these guidelines and accept that not everything will work! (and definitely don’t compare with others!)

There is no right or wrong way, just your way and what you chose to do with your child.

Good luck and please also remember, you can only do your best and of course that is definitely good enough!

March 7, 2023

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