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Private Staff Roles

In order to find the best private staff for your household, Eden will source and seek out candidates who possess the necessary skills, experience and professionalism. The benefits of partnering with us and using our expertise to identify such candidates offers numerous benefits. Through a comprehensive, confidential and personalised ‘Search’, we will provide you with access to a hugely diverse pool of highly qualified people. Addidtionally, by streamlining and tailoring the search to your unique requirements, we will save you valuable time effort and resources.

Butler / Household Manager

The Butler role can also be known as Household Manager or House Manager and sometimes Major-domo. The role of a Butler has changed dramatically over the years to include more responsibilities however in most/more traditional households duties such as formal table service, serving drinks, valeting and care of the wine cellar would be usual.


A Chauffeur will need to be well turned out (may be required to wear a uniform), discrete, multi-skilled and highly organised. Good geographical knowledge of certain areas will be definitely be an asset – particularly in places like Central London where this skill is in high demand.


Housekeepers will ensure the smooth running of a household in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner/family. A good Housekeeper possesses a wide variety of professional domestic skills and takes on many responsibilities and duties such as cleaning, tidying, laundry & general care of the house

Personal Assistant(PA)

A PA has wide ranging duties & responsibilities which will include office & diary management, organising travel, hotel, restaurant bookings plus much more

Professional Domestic Couples

Experienced professional Domestic Couples manage a vast range of duties which usually include all housekeeping duties such as cooking, laundry, washing, ironing and so on

Private Chef

Private Chefs are often professionally qualified and will bring experience & knowledge of different cuisines & cooking in a wide variety of settings (restaurants/hotels/corporate dining/other private households)

Private Tutor/Governess

A Private Tutor/Governess will have a significant impact on your child’s education by providing tailored, structured and personalised teaching. For families that travel regularly, a private tutor can provide stability and continuity.

Family Office Team

A Family Office will need a specialist Team to support and manage operations on both the personal and business front. Please look at our separate section entitled ‘Family Office’ on our homepage for a detailed look at Family Office recruitment.


Daily Maternity Nurse, Nightly Maternity Nurse, Bilingual Maternity Nurse, Emergency Maternity Nurses UK & Overseas, 24 hour Maternity Nurses, Junior Maternity Nurse , Kraamzorg Maternity Nurses, Maternity Nanny


Live In Nanny, Live-out/Daily Nanny, Night Nanny, Norland or Chiltern Nannies,  Junior Nannies, Part-time Nannies, Temporary Nannies, Rota Nannies, Nanny/Groom, Nanny/PA, Nanny/Housekeeper

Rural Properties & Estates

There are a diverse range of roles to be included here and this is just a small sample: Estate Director, Estate Manager, Head Gardener, Gardener, Groundsman, Gamekeeper, Stable Manager, Groom

International Staff

We recruit candidates for clients across the world if they need to staff properties abroad for many different roles, including: House/Property Managers, Couples, Yacht Skippers, Helicopter Pilots, Grounds Staff, Bilingual /Executive PA’s