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Are you considering employing a maternity nurse?

Eden Maternity understands the importance of finding the right person to suit the individual needs of you and your new baby.

Here at Eden we have a thorough screening process and only represent maternity nurses who have an extremely professional approach, are experienced, and come highly recommended by all their previous employers. We willingly introduce to our clients high quality maternity nurses with a genuine commitment to their positions. All maternity nurses registered with us have met our high standards in order to support new parents in the best way possible with their babies.

Eden Nannies and Maternity has an extensive database as well as an informative website. We have more than 200 maternity nurses who work exclusively through Eden Maternity, ensuring we are able to meet the demands of our clients at all times.

Our Nurses

Our Nurses range in age and qualifications from Midwives, Registered Nurses and Health Visitors to high calibre Maternity Nannies. All nurses have many years experience caring for new babies and post-natal mums.

In order to meet with your personal requirements you may consider the following options:

We fully appreciate that our clients are busy people. Our unique approach means you can be sure that we will introduce only those candidates who have the combination of skills, experience and personality best suited to you. Our experienced maternity consultants will guide and support you through all aspects of the selection process to ensure you receive the right Maternity Nurse for your family.

If you need further information, please email [email protected]  or Take a look at our resources page for things to consider when employing a maternity nurses, interview tips and salary guide 

If you are expecting your first child or are a more experienced parent looking forward to number two, three or four then there is nothing better than the support and reassurance of a knowledgeable and caring maternity nurse/nanny. Our Maternity division have extensive experience in providing experienced and qualified maternity nurses (sometimes also known as baby nurses, post-natal carers or maternity practitioners), day & night nurse & maternity nannies within London, throughout the whole of the UK and worldwide.

We recognise that this is an extremely special and personal time. Whilst you will be looking for a maternity nurse who shows professionalism, knowledge and experience in the care of your new baby, you also want a maternity nurse who displays warmth and understanding towards you and your family. We take the time to try and understand the journey you have pictured for yourself, along with the sort of experience you hope pregnancy, childbirth and being a parent will be and we will endeavour to support the choices you make for you and your family.

Maternity Nurse for 5 OR 6 Days Per Week

We have a varied choice of maternity nurses available for 5 & 6 day week positions. A Maternity Nurse is someone qualified or experienced in caring for new-borns. They can help provide a smooth introduction to new parents and their new baby into family life. As the maternity nurse lives in with you and cover’s 24 hours (with a rest period) this can prove to be a valuable support for many families. We can also provide twins & triplet specialist maternity nurses.

Daily or Nightly Maternity Nurses & Nannies

We can provide daily or nightly (or combinations of both) maternity nurses & nannies for any number of days or nights. They are an excellent option for families with limited space or who want to have the support & knowledge a maternity nurse offers while not having someone living with them 24 hours. Some families find a night nanny to be a good option as a follow on from a 24 hour maternity booking if the family still need some nightly support. Daily & nightly maternity nurses work very much in the same way as a 24 hour maternity nurse but with set hours. They usually work between 10- 12 hours per day and will leave and go to their own home between their hours of work. You will pay them an hourly gross rate.

Probationary New Starter Maternity Nurse / Maternity Nanny

For some families; especially if they are not expecting their first baby but are looking for extra support a probationary new starter maternity nurse could be a good option. Probationary maternity nurses can be experienced/ qualified nannies, paediatric nurses, health visitors, midwives, nurses, nursery nurses,MNT or PNC qualified child carers or parents with some professional baby & childcare experience. They start off as probationary maternity nurses to gain more professional new born experience before they can work as a professional maternity nurse. Probationary maternity nurses will work with families & their new babies in the same way as a professional maternity nurse but at a reduced rate & fee while they gain further experience. They may also be flexible in assisting with siblings.


It is our aim to only send details of candidates that meet with your specific requirements, we believe in quality, not quantity.
We will discuss with you your criteria in depth,in order to obtain as much information regarding the position as possible. This will be most beneficial when discussing it with potential candidates to guarantee your specific needs are met. Once we have suitable candidates for you, we will send through the CV’s, with references and certificates, via email, fax or post depending on your preferred means of receiving details. Once you have had the opportunity to review the CV’s, you might wish to discuss the details of any candidates of interest with us. We can answer most questions for you and can arrange telephone or face to face interviews, for those candidates of particular interest.

As most maternity nurses work long hours or are on call it is advisable to call and speak to them in the first instance. Good maternity nurse are booked in advance and are often snapped up quickly.

For more information or if you wish to discuss your requirement in details please call any of the following maternity consultants;

Vanessa Willimott, Katie Burridge, Sally Whittle-Long on 0207 4716000 or email [email protected]

Alternatively click here to register as a client 

If you wish to discuss the role of a professional nanny please contact the following consultants on 0207 4716000;

More information on maternity nurses click here

How register to work as a maternity nurse click here

London Daily /Live out Nannies – Harriet Grant, Helen Brown, Elizabeth Gillman and Bree Christensen

Live in & Country Nannies – Faye Whitehead, Amy Lyndsey & Chrissy Johnson
Overseas & International Nannies & Temporary Nannies – Karolina Maher-Middleton, Gabby Pamuk & Chrissy Johnson
Housekeepers – Laura Rock, Polly Lambert, Natalie Mounter and Victoria Agnew 

All Security – Including Close protection services  – Rick Mounfield

PA’s, House-managers, Chefs, Gardeners, Household Couples – Alex Sansbury, Mark Whitworth and Clare Ruby


Eden Nannies & Maternity is once again co-sponsored  ‘The Chiltern College Professional Nanny Conference’ which was  held on Saturday 18th May 2013.

Registration forms for the next Conference are available on the brand new website – which gives all the details about the event or on The Chiltern College website

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