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Overseas Maternity Nurses

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For families living abroad booking a maternity nurse is a rewarding experience. Professional and knowledgeable, an Eden Maternity Nurse brings a wealth of experience to the care of your newborn.  A maternity nurse will teach you how to feed and care for your baby, support your preference for feeding and bring all the latest information and techniques from the UK, a world leader in baby care.

All of our maternity nurses are required to speak fluent English, and many speak an additional language. We support and encourage diversity ensuring that there is a perfect maternity nurse for each family. Experienced working within fully staffed homes, on large estates and yachts, our maternity nurses can help prepare you for travelling with a newborn.

Discretion and respect for family space and cultural differences are all qualities that our maternity nurses hold. They can be an asset to second or third time parents as they can manage relationships between older siblings and the new baby. They work at integrating the newborn into the existing family structure and their experience can be invaluable in establishing a happy household.

Booking a maternity nurse from a UK-based agency means you are required to pay for their travel expenses. This may include a flight to and from the booking or a Eurostar ticket. If a visa is required, this is a cost that you will need to cover as well. Maternity nurses are all self-employed. They charge you a gross 24-hour rate and pay their own taxes and insurance.

An overseas maternity nurse charges £140 – £200 per 24 hours gross for a single baby, and £180 – £250 per 24 hours gross for multiples.

If you are looking for a maternity nurse in the USA, we also have candidates who are eligible to work in the USA and Canada; they either have citizenship, a Green Card or a work visa.

All of our maternity nurses and maternity nannies are experienced with qualifications such as the MNT or NEST certificates. They may have other nanny, nursing or midwifery qualifications or may have many years experience. All candidates will have an up to date paediatric first aid certificate and an enhanced DBS disclosure.

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