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Kraamzorg Maternity Nurses

In the Netherlands, new mothers are entitled to a unique maternity care service provided by Kraamzorg Nurses. This professional maternity care is unlike any other in the world, giving new mothers care, support and guidance for several hours each day, for the first eight to ten days after the birth of a new child.

The Benefits Of Professional Support From A Kraamzorg Maternity Nurse

This one to one support is a vital lifeline for first time mothers who benefit from professional advice and instruction on all elements of caring for their new baby. The role is incredibly flexible, as it is designed to give mothers the support they need to get back on their feet and coping with their usual responsibilities as quickly as possible. This means that a Kraamzorg Nurse may perform a variety of different tasks to meet the needs of each family she works with in order to best support the baby’s development and the mother’s recovery.

The Duties Performed By A Kraamzorg Nurse

  • Advice and support with breast-feeding and bottle-feeding.
  • Assistance and support with structuring suitable feeding and sleeping routines.
  • Support and assistance with bathing a newborn.
  • Practical domestic assistance, including help with laundry and meal preparation, giving the mother an opportunity to rest and care for her new baby.
  • Care and support for the mother herself – this can prove to be invaluable for women who have undergone surgery or experienced complications during the delivery of their child.

This is not an exhaustive list; a Kraamzorg Nurse may undertake many other responsibilities whilst supporting a mother’s recovery.

Postnatal Care In The UK

The majority of women who give birth in the UK deliver their babies in hospital, (last year only 2.3% opted for a home birth). Those who have delivered by Caesarean generally remain in hospital for a minimum of 48 hours following the birth of their child, whereas most others will return home after anything up to 24 hours.

Follow up care in the UK generally consists of a call and visit from a midwife to check that everything is ok, but for many women, a lack of adequate care and support at home may mean that they struggle to find enough time to rest and recover from the birth.

Excellent support and aftercare helps to ensure that a broad range of future difficulties, including postnatal depression is avoided.

Eden Can Help You To Access An Excellent Kraamzorg Trained Nurse – Anywhere In The World

Eden Nannies are able to place an experienced Kraamzorg Nurse with your family in any part of the world, to provide key support for a mother and her new baby directly after the birth.

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderfully exciting time but it is important to appreciate the impact that the arrival of this little bundle can have on new parents and the family unit as a whole. The arrival of a Kraamzorg maternity nurse is a bit like having your very own fairy godmother step in. Their experience and support helps to smooth the entire transition, promoting positive relationships and good health for the entire family.

Kraamzorg maternity nurses undertake the same duties as maternity nurses and include:

  • Care for the newborn with bathing, feeding (breast or bottle), laundry – including all the baby’s equipment and the nursery.
  • Care and support of the mother
  • Advice on breast and bottle feeding
  • Help and support with feeding and sleeping routines for the baby

We will be registering a number of new Kraamzorg Nurses in the Netherlands during our next visit. These nurses will be working exclusively through Eden Maternity. If you are a Kraamzorg nurse from the Netherlands please register your interest by contacting a member of our team.

If you would like more advice and information on employing a Kraamzorg Maternity Nurse, please call the Eden Maternity Team, who would be delighted to help on 020 7471 6000