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Maternity Nanny

A maternity nanny will fulfill the same role as the maternity nurse; however they may have less experience.

Maternity nannies are a great choice for mothers who have older children and need help with them as well as the baby. The nanny will be more of a help to the whole family but will require a break during the day if working with the baby and other children.

The terms maternity nanny and maternity nurse are interchangeable. Either way they should have at least three-five years’ experience with newborns and have a current paediatric first aid certificate.

Many maternity nannies have specific qualifications, completed the MNT course, or possess some form of childcare qualification. Some maternity nannies may be qualified paediatric nurses as well – hence the term ‘maternity nurse’.  Some professional nannies with three-five years of experience caring for new born babies are called maternity nannies; these types of nannies may have more hands-on experience than some qualified maternity nurses.

You can hire a less experienced nanny if you just need an extra pair of hands. These maternity nannies may have worked as a nanny for a family with a young baby or they may be recently qualified maternity nannies.

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