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Sleep Consultant

Postnatal Sleep Consultant

A sleep consultant is an ideal option for any parent experiencing sleep problems with their baby, toddler or child.

Eden provides sleep consultants who have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a child’s sleep cycle. They understand the importance of establishing a good bedtime routine. They also understand the importance of the processes and routines that play a part in your child’s well being and development.

A sleep consultant will work with you to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to introduce a sleep routine for your child and getting your child to sleep through the night is the goal.

Your sleep consultant will observe and discuss any obvious signs or symptoms which may be causing your child distress. These may include erratic sleep patterns or attention seeking behaviour. They will discuss your history and any existing health concerns, ask questions about your family lifestyle, diet and nutrition and provide you with a plan that fits in with your lifestyle. Follow up support is also provided.

Underlying health issues are also looked at, for example colic or gastric reflux that may be the cause behind your baby’s distress.

A sleep consultant generally provides a three-four hour consultation, usually followed with two, three or four nights of sleep training. This is usually a sufficient amount of time to establish a good sleep routine.

Costs are set by the sleep consultant and who will prepare a quotation for you based on an initial telephone discussion and understanding of your requirements. Costs start at around £18 per hour gross or £250 per 24 hours gross.

Our recommended sleep consultants are:

If you would like further information please call our maternity team on 020 7471 6000 or 0844 4027321