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Nanny & Governess Recruitment

Originally starting out as “Eden Nannies” we are a London-based Nanny & Maternity recruitment agency and one of the leading providers of private childcare in the UK and overseas. For over 25 years we have handpicked the best childcare staff on behalf of the families we work for.

The nannies and maternity nurses we choose to represent us are professional, experienced, committed and career-minded. Candidates are proud of their solid work record and excellent references and must possess up-to-date police check (DBS) and first aid qualifications. Please be aware these verification documents will always remain the property of the candidate.

We provide a first-class service when it comes to providing nannies in London and nationwide while still caring for your child. With a large database of UK and London nannies, maternity nurses and maternity nannies to give you help and support, we are confident that we will find the best candidate for you.

Our Consultants

Our Consultants are professional and focused on finding the best candidate for the role. This means firstly, that we invest our time and energy in finding the right Consultants to look after our clients and secondly, the Consultants take time to understand both client and candidate in order to make the best matches. It also means that our Consultants will only send the client a very small number of candidates who they believe are the absolute best candidates for the role.

Our team structure additionally allows for a seamless service whereby clients can reach a Consultant and/or the Consultant Supporter with ease.

Our specialist childcare teams work on the following roles for clients based in the UK and abroad:

  • Full time Live-in and Daily Nannies
  • Rota Nannies
  • Governesses
  • Maternity Nurses
  • Maternity Nanny
  • Night Nanny
  • Nanny/Housekeepers
  • Part-time and Shared Nanny
  • Temporary Nanny
  • Seasonal and Temporary Nannies/Proxy Parenting
  • Junior Nannies (please click here for more details)

Whether you require a daily nanny or a live-in maternity nurse, we can help source the right candidate for you.

If you are looking for a nanny or maternity nurse role, we will place you with the right family.

We don’t simply pay lip service to the idea of conducting business in a positive, conscientious and professional manner – these are the values by which we work on a daily basis.

Live-in Nanny

A Live-in Nanny lives with the family in their home and the family provides the nanny with their own bedroom and sometimes their own bathroom (although often they may share with the children). Sometimes the nanny will be given separate accommodation such as a studio, flat or cottage which they may share with other household staff.

A Live-in nanny in London normally works for 11 to 12 hours a day, five or six days a week and is often expected to offer an additional two or three evenings each week babysitting (exact working hours will depend on the family). Some positions expect the nanny to provide 24-hour cover, five or six days a week. These positions are usually abroad and the salaries will be slightly higher. Please visit the live-in nanny page for more details

Live-Out or Daily Nanny

A Live-out or Daily nanny in London travels to the family’s house each day. Live-out nannies generally work for up to 12 hours a day, five days a week and may be required to do evening babysitting as well. This may be included in the salary or paid as extra. Live-out nannies may work either 5 days a week or part-time 1, 2, 3 or 4 day a week.

For more information on Daily Nannies or Live-Out Nannies please click here.

Rota Nanny

A Rota Nanny /Rotation Nanny (or 24/7 Live-In Nanny) is a daily or live in Nanny who provides consistent care and supervision for children on a rotating schedule with other Nannies. Instead of working to a typical 9 to 5 schedule, a Rota Nanny works in shifts that may involve being on duty for consecutive days followed by several days off.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a Rota Nanny’s role:

Constant Care: A Rota Nanny provides continuous care for the children they are responsible for ensuring their safety, well-being and development.

Rotation Schedule: The Rota Nanny’s work schedule typically involves working for several consecutive days or weeks, providing around-the-clock care, followed by an equal number of days or weeks off.

Collaborative Work: In cases where there are multiple Rota Nannies, they will work as a team to ensure continuity of care, sharing responsibilities and shifts to cover the 24/7 schedule.

Child Development: The Rota Nanny will engage in age-appropriate activities to promote the children’s growth and development, focusing on intellectual, emotional and physical needs.

Household Duties: Some Rota Nannies can also be responsible for light household duties & tasks during their shifts, such as meal preparation, children’s laundry and tidying up the children’s living areas.

Communication and Collaboration: A Rota Nanny must maintain open and consistent communication with the parents or primary caregivers, providing updates on the children’s well-being, routines and any important information.

Rota Nannies are commonly found in households where parents have extremely demanding work schedules, travel frequently or have a specific need for around-the-clock child care coverage. The specific duties and responsibilities of a Rota Nanny will vary with each position and much will depend on the age(s) of the child (children) involved and on the family’s individual unique requirements.


Nanny Share

Live-out nannies sometimes work in nanny share arrangements where two or more families employ the same nanny to either care for all children at the same time or to work part-time in each home. They could for example work three days with one family followed by two days with another.

Overseas Nannies

We are also experienced in helping families based overseas source childcare from the United Kingdom. If you are a parent based outside the United Kingdom or a Nanny seeking an international role, please visit our international section or speak to  any of our Household consultants on 020 7471 6000 or click here to register as a client

Temporary & Holiday Nannies

We offer clients a bespoke service for many temporary positions (see list below) which means we can help with finding the ideal nanny to suit your personal childcare requirements within London, the UK or worldwide. We would strongly advise that you speak to us directly, so we can work with you on meeting your specific needs and individual requirements.

We can assist with any of the following temporary roles:

  • Live In / Live Out Temporary Nannies
  • Proxy Parenting Nannies
  • Emergency & Temporary Cover Nannies
  • Longer term Temporary Roles
  • (roles requiring a commitment from a week to 11 months)
  • Troubleshooting Nannies
  • Holiday, Travelling & Ski Nannies
  • Maternity Nurses & Maternity Nannies
  • Overnight Nannies
  • Billingual Nannies
  • Holiday Teachers
  • Holiday Tutors/ Governesses
  • Chalet & Villa Nannies
  • Yacht Nannies
  • Summer Nannies

So, if you are going on your summer holiday, skiing, have to work away from home or have a temporary requirement for help, then please ring and let us find you a professional nanny.

Nannies based in the Country

A Nanny based in the country can normally expect to be very much part of the family, so will need to be a good team player with a flexible outlook. Quite often the care of children is shared, as many parents work/run businesses from home, therefore the duties will perhaps be more varied. Duties will of course be agreed upon from the outset, however, it would not be unusual to have included dog walking, chicken feeding or other outside activities. It goes without saying that the nanny should enjoy a country lifestyle and all it brings.

We look after increasing numbers of families and households outside London and support the growing numbers of childcarers seeking positions in provincial towns and rural areas. Many families take the decision to move away from London, but still require the support of a professional or experienced full-time childcarer and an agency who will maintain the high standards expected in sourcing childcare.

The ‘Country Desk’ applies the same quality approach that our reputation is already built on, with regards to interviewing, sourcing and referencing of candidates. All potential candidates are personally interviewed, have a work history that we can fully explore and will have a full DBS (police) check and an up to date First Aid Certificate. In addition, only those candidates with at least 3 years full time relevant work experience or 2 years experience with a recognised childcare qualification will be registered.

One of the great advantages of employing a ‘country’ nanny is the candidates’ understanding that flexibility and a ‘muck in’ attitude is important. This may include such tasks as walking the dog(s!), feeding the chickens, sheep, horses or taking the children for a good long walk!

Nanny Responsibilities

A Private nanny is primarily responsible for the following chores:

Preparing meals for the children in their care, doing laundry and cleaning up after meals.

This ensures that you as a parent don’t need to worry about these things when you’re at work.  It also relieves you from household chores so that you have more time for yourself.

A household nanny should be able to provide healthy home-cooked meals not just frozen pizzas and fast foods to keep your kids fit and active;

Giving children medicines and taking care of them when they’re sick with common illnesses, such as colds or flu.  A nanny can administer some medications if needed but only with the consent of the parent.

Playing with children both indoors and outdoors.  You can hire a nanny who loves to play football with your kids or one that enjoys reading books. This will help them develop certain skills and have fun at the same time.

Your nanny can also take your children for walks in the neighborhood, to parks, swimming pools, etc.

A good nanny can teach your children how to behave appropriately around other people especially adults like good table manners, this is especially beneficial in the early years of the development of children.

Giving respect and being polite, a nanny is there as the role a model for the children’s behavior so they may set things straight if anything goes wrong;  they may also teach values to the kids such as honesty, playing fair, etc.

Giving extra attention to children who need it more like those who are active or hyperactive;  some nannies are trained to perform special activities with such children like yoga or meditation which will help them calm down and also keep them busy.

Providing the extra care and guidance that your young children need.

You can hire part-time private nannies for children who have serious medical conditions like heart problems, asthma, etc.

Homeschooled young children may need a lot of attention from a nanny as they stay home alone while you’re at work all day. Nannies can help these kids adjust better by giving them more attention.

Hiring full-time private nannies for preteens and teens who tend to be less independent and always want mommy around – this is only necessary if you think your kid still needs the extra attention.  This may also be necessary when you need to leave town for a business trip or vacation and want someone to look after your teen. Hiring nannies will give them more independence and confidence to manage on their own, even if it is just for a couple of days.

You can also look at a part-time nanny who is working part-time to help out with house chores while going to college or university. They have the opportunity to learn new skills like cooking and cleaning without losing focus on their studies.

Qualities to Look For in a Nanny

In most cases, your nanny is with your child for long hours and sometimes even overnight. Thus it’s very important that you hire someone who is really trustworthy and reliable. If you’re going on a vacation or business trip, make sure the nanny can handle emergencies – like a medical emergency – before leaving. You want to check for these qualities in your nanny:

They should be organized.

Respectful and patient;  a good example would be waiting patiently while your child finishes his/her food before taking him/her out to play ball etc.

An independent worker who knows how to prioritize tasks without needing constant supervision,  if you’re looking for someone to cook and clean, make sure she knows how to do these things properly.

A nanny who is a good communicator who can talk in a calm composed manner especially when your kid’s being mischievous;

Has first aid training skills or at least willing to get them when needed.

Willing to go with the flow. The job of a nanny may vary according to the family she works for, especially in the early years.

We are here to help, so please call the Country Office for good advice and further information on employing a nanny on 0207 471 6000  click here to register as a client

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