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The Role of a Nanny PA

This unique position combines the duties and skills of an experienced Nanny with those of a proficient and reliable administrator/household manager.

A Nanny PA is a wonderful choice for a busy household of children and working parents.

When the children are at home/not at nursery/school then the Nanny PA’s priority is their care. This will include: preparing meals & snacks; supporting, supervising, and helping with homework and school projects, ensuring their rooms are tidy and laundry is looked after, taking them to classes or play dates, and generally making sure they are well taken care of. Once the Nanny has done the school run then the PA duties will be undertaken. Every household will of course be different so duties will vary, however as a guide they will usually include such tasks as: organising and booking family holidays/itineraries, diary management, dry cleaning, pets (walking/vet), organising household/car repairs, and ordering groceries. There may even be some element of keeping household accounts & bookkeeping.

This is an all-encompassing role that can provide an excellent solution to parents.

For lots more advice and information on this role please call the Eden Team on 020 7471 6000