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Night Maternity Nurse & Nannies

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It can be helpful to manage the excitement of having a new baby with a balanced and practical approach to finding a good night-time routine, to ensure ‘sleeping through the night’ comes sooner rather than later!

There are a number of options available to parents. First time parents may find they would prefer the help of a more experienced maternity nurse, who will be happy to give advice and support in all areas, such as breastfeeding/bottle-feeds and night time routines. Parents already familiar with the care of newborns may prefer an ‘extra pair of hands’ approach for the nights, leaving them to catch up with sleep and maybe even a lie in.

A night maternity nurse is the best option for first time parents and parents who would prefer a more experienced maternity nurse with specialist knowledge. It is also the preferred choice when a baby is perhaps unwell or has a specific issue that needs detailed knowledge of the care required.

The duties for the maternity nurse are the same as for the night nanny, but will also include:

  • Advice on how to establish a sustainable sleep routine for the baby
  • Advice and support on breastfeeding and related issues
  • Advice on how to cope with post-natal depression
  • Advice on other related topics such as colic and reflux

A night maternity nurse will typically charge £130 to 160 per night gross depending on experience for a 10 hour night, if you require a 12-hour night this can be accommodated for an extra charge.

Night maternity nanny

Another option, for more confident parents, would be a night maternity nanny. They can take on the nappy changing, bottle feeding settling duties at night and work between eight-12 hours. The night nanny will deal with all aspects of care for the baby and help adhere to any preferences the client has with regards to sleeping and feeding. Also included in their duties would be:

  • Changing nappies
  • Settling the baby
  • Night feeds
  • Preparing and sterilising bottles
  • Dressing and preparing the baby in the morning

A night nanny is not usually responsible for any cleaning or laundry.

A night nanny can be booked for just one night or six nights (they will then have a 24 hour break and of course can be re-booked after that).

Typically a night nanny will charge £100 to £130 per night gross depending on the experience for a 10 hour night. If you require a 12-hour night this can be accommodated for an extra charge.
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