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Norland Trained Nannies

Norland College has been training nannies since it was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward.

She recognised that early years childcare and education needed to be more structured, and Norland College became the first to offer any kind of formal training in childcare.

Today it continues to be at the forefront of early years training, ensuring that students are trained to the highest level.

At Eden Nannies, we continually register newly qualified and experienced Norland Trained Nannies. There are only a limited number of new graduates per year from Norland College, therefore the demand is greater.

Eden Nannies can source either experienced or newly qualified Norland Nannies for clients, as we have an extensive list of candidates we have either worked with in the past or are new to our database.

Norland Nanny candidate Katrina say:

“I have been working as a nanny for five years and trained at Norland College in Bath. My love and passion for children started at a young age and I was inspired to learn more about the traditional and modern day approaches to caring for children and babies which is why I chose to train at Norland College. My qualifications, training and experience has offered me more exciting opportunities than I could have hoped for. I spent four years working with a family in South West London where not only is there a fantastic network of qualified and experienced nannies but ample opportunities for children to play and learn. I found that the skills I learnt at Norland and from my experience are very transferable and after leaving London I spent five months in a French ski resort working as a chalet host. I enjoyed developing my cooking and baking skills and of course being able to ski daily was a huge benefit. Once returning from France I decided to explore the overseas opportunities available to me as a nanny and will soon be heading to Hong Kong to start a new position. My consultant at Eden, Karolina, has been very supportive and informative throughout my job search and I can’t wait to discover where nannying will take me next.”

Norland nanny Georgina said:

“The time I spent at Norland gave me a unique experience in child care and the ability to give and provided children the best possible approach in life. I feel very proud to be a Norlander.”

In order to start your search for a Norland Trained Nanny with Eden Nannies please speak to any of our nanny consultants  on 020 7471 6000 or  register here as a Client