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Other Private Staff

Recruiting specialised private staff

We are often asked to find different types of staff specifically for our clients.

Our clients turn to us for the utmost discretion when conducting these searches. Some the most common areas we have been asked to help are::

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  • Super yacht captain
  • Private pilots
  • Private secretaries
  • Close personal security officers

Retained search

We will undertake the role on a Retained Search basis

Our retained search option offers a complete, full-service search with a dedicated project team assigned to your search until completion.

  • Head-hunting unique senior management roles
  • Head-hunting personnel with specialist skills
  • Attracting winning individuals according to specified criteria, including career history, performance levels and personality
  • Head-hunting client specified individuals from competitors
  • Attracting individuals for positions that need filling urgently

Our replacement guarantee will be 180 days and all candidates recruited will be exclusively presented to the client. The terms and conditions of our retained search are:
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The service charge for this option is 25% of the first years guaranteed earnings.

  • 1/3 due upon the signing of contract
  • 1/3 due upon presentation of the short list of candidates
  • 1/3 due upon fulfillment of the search

Please contact us directly on 0844 409 7321 or 0207 471 6000 to discuss your vacancy.

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