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Employing a Live-in Private Tutor

A live in private tutor can benefit your child’s education and your family life.

For families that travel regularly, a private tutor can provide stability and continuity. They can also provide specific learning and support to a child while addressing cultural needs.

In some cases a private tutor may be a better option than mainstream schooling, and the demand for private tutors has become increasingly popular.

A private live in tutor is flexible, fitting in with your unique requirements by accompanying you anywhere in the world. So, whether the tutor teaches on board a yacht, in a hotel, in the air or at home, your child’s education will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of continuity of work, stability and working on a one-to one basis.

If you are considering putting your children though the British private/independent school system, a private tutor will be familiar with the standards required and the curriculum to be covered for entrance to these schools, which is highly competitive.

Some private tutors can offer more than their specialist skills in the main subjects of the curriculum. If you are seeking a candidate with particular languages, an ability to teach swimming, tennis, a musical instrument or other specialised skills, then this can be discussed with an Eden Consultant.

As each placement is unique, the costs of employing a private tutor will vary. You can discuss the details with one of our consultants  by calling 020 7471 6000.

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