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Hire A Domestic Couple

The employment of a professional domestic Couple in a private household is an area of considerable growth, as more and more of our clients see the many benefits a hiring a domestic couple can offer. Busy households will relish the flexibility and the enormous range of skills they bring to the workplace. Here are some of the main advantages of engaging a Couple:

  • A cost effective solution – a joint salary as opposed to hiring lots of different people for individual jobs
  • A great team who are used to working together to get jobs done
  • Flexibility around jobs and able to multi-task/take on new tasks as the role grows
  • Home security in your absence
  • Pets/animals can be cared for at home/in their usual surroundings which is much less stressful for them
  • A smooth running and well organised household. They can liaise on your behalf with contractors, builders & workmen, deal with deliveries/goods and services to the property and look after tutors, visitors etc

Of course there is a huge variety and combination of roles that hiring  a Couple can offer to a client – every clients’ job is unique and as well as all the basics of the role (washing, cleaning, cooking etc), clients may also need someone with certain specialist knowledge, for example in gardening or the care of antiques or classic cars.

To learn more about the different role combinations, please click on the titles below for further details and information. Don’t forget though, the roles are not limited to these alone and you may have something much more unusual for us! So, if you need a ‘Helicopter Pilot/Dog Walker or a ‘Yacht Skipper/Cook please just ask and leave it to us to find the right people with the right skill-set for you.

For an initial chat or advice please call 0207 4716000 and speak to a member of the Eden ‘Household Team’. Their skill, experience and commitment means you could have a great Domestic Couple working for you soon!