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Caretaker Couples

Caretaker and Caretaker Couples

A professional caretaker or caretaker couple will manage a client’s property and assets.

A caretaker couple is a husband and wife team, who would be entrusted with the task of caring for the buildings and grounds of a specific property. Sometimes the couple will live in the house, but more often they will occupy a small dwelling such as a cottage, located in the grounds of the property. A gardener, handyman, housekeeper and a carer combination may often form caretaker couples roles.   With an individual caretaker, he or she will live in the grounds as appropriate.

The scope and responsibility of a caretaker couple role is very wide-ranging so a flexible and hands-on approach is vital, as is being trustworthy and reliable.

Long-term caretaker couples positions are more common on larger estates and will involve the daily maintenance and upkeep of the gardens, buildings, plumbing, wiring and other aspects of the property.

Some caretaker and caretaker couples jobs on a short-term basis with a specified start and end date. Duties may include collecting mail, paying utility bills, maintaining the grounds and in general giving the property the appearance of being occupied when the owners are away.

Utilising services of a caretaker couple in the short-term helps to discourage break-ins as well as ensure that the home and grounds are in good condition when the owner returns.

A caretaker role can also be defined as caring for an individual who is unable to care for themselves. The role may be referred to as carer or caretaker companion.

This type of role may include helping ill or infirm clients to dress, eat and attend to personal hygiene. Additional duties may include running errands, and transporting the client to and from doctor appointments. A personal caretaker may live at the residence of the client or maintain a separate residence and work a specific number of hours each day.

For further information on engaging a caretaker couple please call Alex Sansbury, Mark Whitworth or any member of the private household team on 02074716000