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Chauffeur & Housekeeper Couple

This is a specific role for an experienced and/or professional Chauffeur who has good knowledge of driving and caring for prestige cars. The Chauffeur’s main responsibilities will be maintaining all the employer’s vehicles which includes booking services and repairs, MOTs, valeting and driving duties for the individual and/or family members. A Chauffeur could also be asked to carry out ad hoc duties such as general maintenance within the grounds of a property.

The Housekeeper’s responsibilities and duties will be in the home, taking care of laundry, cleaning, some cooking of family meals and overall household duties as required by the employer/family. A Housekeeper will be relied on to be flexible in running errands (post/dry cleaning/shopping) and may supervise other more junior members of staff in the household.

For additional advice and information please call and speak to a member of the Eden Household Team on  020 7471 6000.