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Estate Management Couple


Estate Management is a broad term used to describe the role of a manager whose duties will include property management, surveying, business and finance, often staff management as well and if it is management of a farming business, could also include animal welfare.

An Estate Management Couple will usually have a background in land or property management and will be responsible for the running, organisation and overall management of an estate. There may also be an element of responsibility for the profitability of the estate.

The Couple will oversee staff, liaise with tenants and contractors on their employer’s behalf. They will be able to oversee multiple properties and if required can advise on the most cost effective way to run an estate. Such advice might include budget control, tendering/negotiating for contracts and overseeing projects. Of course there are variations on this type of role, for example

Urban Estate Management’ in which the role consists of a group/portfolio of buildings and land and could be a combination of residential and commercial buildings. The responsibilities would be similar, but candidates with relevant ‘urban building’ experience would be more suitable.

Another example is ‘Rural Estate Management’ in which the role consists of managing a greater proportion of productive agricultural land (combined with some commercial and residential property). Rural Estate Management couples will clearly need a greater understanding of agriculture and previous experience of farming.

For additional advice and information please call and speak to a member of the Eden Household Team on 020 7471 6000.