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Chef Couple

Chef Housekeeper Couple

This variation of the traditional chef couple role is suitable for a busy, formal household where extensive entertaining may take place.

One takes the role of chef and the other is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the household.

The chef will prepare meals for the family on a daily basis and also for functions and events.

The chef’s main tasks include:

  • Preparing, cooking and presenting meals.
  • Menu planning for daily meals and entertaining.
  • Stock control and shopping.
  • Following relevant hygiene, health and safety guidelines.
  • Ensuring the kitchen is well maintained at all times.

The housekeeper is responsible for a wide variety of duties including:

  • Laundry, ironing and care of the family’s clothes.
  • Cleaning and general upkeep of the house.
  • Undertaking errands such as collecting dry cleaning, going to the post office, help with shopping.
  • Helping in the kitchen when required.
  • Babysitting if needed.

If you are considering employing a couple and would like further information, please contact Alex Sansbury, Mark Whitworth or any member within our private household team on 020 7471 6000 for advice.