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Virtual Private Tutors

Perhaps, given the current school closures you are thinking about employing the services of a ‘virtual or private tutor’.

Demand for Tutors is higher than ever now and Eden Private Staff can help you find the right candidate with the right key skills and experience for you/your children.

All of our Tutors will be qualified (usually a minimum of degree level education) and vetted carefully in the usual way (references & DBS checks). Whether you are looking for yourself, to further your professional development or an interest/hobby or for your children, to support/in preparation for GCSEs/A Levels, September entrance exams or to provide continuity to their schooling, we can help and advise you.

Definition of a Virtual Classroom

An online teaching and learning environment that allows teachers and students to communicate, interact and collaborate. It enables students to access quality teachers anywhere in the world, provided both have a reliable internet connection.

Students can expect an interactive whiteboard (so users can interact on the same online page) and access to a library of learning materials which is essential for structured lessons).

What Will I Pay?

Hourly rates will vary according to the level that is required and also the expertise and qualifications of the Tutor. As a guide, rates range from £20 – £35 per hour outside London and up to £50plus in the capital.

Qualifications are evidence of knowledge and having a good university degree increases a Tutor’s hourly rate. For example an academic tutor with a PhD will be able to charge more than a graduate with a Bachelors degree. It is also fair to say that graduates from Russell Group universities (typically viewed as first tier UK universities) usually  charge more for their services than their non-Russell Group counterparts.

The Tutor is responsible for their own National Insurance and income tax and will submit their earnings to the government by completing an annual’ Self- Assessment Tax Return’ for every tax year.

For additional information and advice on finding a ‘Virtual Tutor’, please contact the Eden Private Staff team on 020 7471 6000.

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