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Careers with Eden Private Staff

Are you considering a career in Private Staff Recruitment?

Work for Eden…

Our success in the private staffing sector is built on the great people we employ and how we support them in their recruitment career.

Eden leads the way in private household recruitment in the UK and throughout the world, meaning we have a significant global presence.

Our aims and objectives have always been to be the best and the most effective company at sourcing staff for our clients and being the ‘go-to’ company for candidates to register for work.

What we look for in a consultant:

  • Honesty, reliability, discretion
  • Ability to work as part of a team and support fellow staff
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Eagerness to develop your career

Eden Private Staff recruits both experienced consultants and enthusiastic and hardworking individuals wishing to develop. Our culture is a focused, but eclectic community of professionals who embrace our team ethics.  This creates a collaborative working environment that invigorates our businesses and inspires confidence in our clients and candidates.

We value good listeners prepared to help make our vision into a reality. We want consultants to treat their work as their own business. Career progression will depend on how quickly and effectively you can grow your company.

For over 10 years we have selected the highest calibre private staff on behalf of discerning families (our clients), who require impeccable standards of service, integrity, reliability and discretion. Our range of services can be used during the whole lifetime of our clients.

So, in order to join this special team, what do we look for in our Consultants?

  • Reliability, resilience & discretion
  • A real team player – someone who is demonstrably good with others ie supportive, friendly and considerate
  • Professionalism: a good listener, able to work with the management team and keen for success
  • A good communicator – able to deal effectively with clients, candidates and colleagues alike
  • Flexibility and willingness to be involved in order to maximise the success of the team
  • A good standard of written English- able to write an engaging candidate profile or job advert
  • An interest in developing a recruitment career with us

We recruit both experienced Consultants and enthusiastic and hardworking individuals wishing to develop their skills and enhance their careers.

Our culture is a focused, but eclectic community of professionals who embrace our team ethics.  This creates a collaborative working environment that invigorates our business and inspires confidence in our clients and candidates. We want Consultants to treat their work as if it was their own business.

Our ideal Consultants are a mix of:

  • individuals experienced in a particular sector and are looking for their next role
  • people who appreciate our philosophy and are prepared to work to our unique and successful business model
  • individuals on the start of their career path who we can help nurture and professionally develop

As we are very well established within the marketplace, we do not expect our Consultants to cold call and we are fortunate enough to be recommended by our clients. We also source clients through our own marketing initiatives and rarely need to use print marketing.

We welcome applications from all nationalities provided they have a legal right to work in the UK or have the relevant working visa.

If you would like to establish yourself as a key player within this rapidly expanding market sector, please write to us enclosing your CV and a covering letter marked Private & Confidential and post to:  Eden Private Staff, 9 Cambridge Court, 210 Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith London W6 7NJ or  email for the attention of HR to [email protected]


So, what does it actually take to become a successful Recruitment Consultant in the Private Staff sector?

It is undoubtedly a multi–faceted role that involves a combination of skills, knowledge and effective strategies in order to succeed. The career also demands a strong commitment to a number of key steps that will enhance your success in this field:

  1. Gaining relevant sector knowledge:

Start by acquiring knowledge about the private staff recruitment industry and the specific roles within it such as Butlers, House Managers, Couples, Nannies,/Maternity Nurses, Personal Assistants and so on. Understanding the specific demands and expectations of both the Client/employer and the Candidates will help you excel in your role as a Consultant. Additionally, gaining experience in recruitment or a related field will provide you with valuable insights and further skills.

  1. Developing a network of contacts:

 Build a strong network of contacts within the private staff industry, including employers, candidates and other recruitment consultants. Attend industry events, join professional associations and engage with relevant online forums and communities. Cultivating relationships with trusted professionals will enhance your credibility and enable you to provide excellent service to your clients.

  1. Specialising in a niche or segment:

Consider specialising in a specific niche or segment of the domestic staffing industry. By focusing on a particular area, for example, high-profile clients, Family Offices, rural estates or specific types of jobs, you can develop expertise within that sector and position yourself as an expert in that field. This specialisation will attract clients and candidates seeking specialised sector knowledge and give you a competitive advantage in the market.

  1. Building a strong candidate database:

One of the essential components of being a private staff recruitment consultant is having access to a database/pool of well qualified and vetted candidates. Invest time and resources in building a comprehensive candidate database by engaging in thorough screening, reference checking, and skill assessments. Maintaining relationships with talented individuals ensures you can quickly match suitable candidates with upcoming job opportunities.

  1. Providing a personalised and exceptional service:

In order to stand out from your competitors, you will need to focus on providing a truly personalised and exceptional service to your clients. Take the time to understand their specific needs, preferences and requirements. Communicate regularly with both Clients and Candidates to provide updates and gather vital feedback. By consistently delivering an outstanding and proficient service, you will build a reputation for excellence and at the same time will develop long-term relationships with your clients.

  1. Stay informed about industry trends and regulations:

As with any industry, the private staff sector evolves constantly, with changes in regulations, industry standards and relevant technology so staying  informed about the latest trends and legal requirements affecting the industry is essential.  One way to ensure you remain up to date is by attending relevant training courses, reading industry publications and wherever possible participating in professional development opportunities. This way you will be certain to stay up-to-date with best practices.

  1. Utilise technology and marketing strategies: Leverage technology and effective marketing strategies to reach a broader audience and promote your services. Develop a user-friendly website to showcase your expertise and also available job opportunities. Especially key is utilising social media platforms to connect with potential clients and candidates. Stay active on relevant online forums and groups and consider investing in targeted advertising campaigns to expand your reach.

To build a successful career as a private staff recruitment consultant takes dedication, professionalism and a commitment to matching the best candidates with the right employers. By continually enhancing & developing your skills, expanding your network and providing an exceptional service, you will establish yourself as a trusted and respected Consultant in the field.