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Why Hire a Chauffeur?

There are many good and practical reasons to hire a chauffeur, not least of which is to save you time and money when you are a busy executive going about your daily business life.

However, there are many other instances where you could consider hiring a chauffeur to add to the enjoyment of life, thereby making a special occasion even more memorable, glamorous and exhilarating.

Having your own personal driver may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning an excursion or celebration but it could make the difference between a relaxing and luxurious experience and an ordinary day or night out.

Here are just a few occasions when hiring a chauffeur is absolutely the right thing to do:

Your Wedding

There are some key moments in life which deserve to be special and clearly your wedding day is one of them. Most people do book a car to deliver them to their wedding nuptials but how about the journey to and from your honeymoon destination?

  • Your wedding day will be both emotional and exhausting – why not end the day being whisked away in the back of a luxury vehicle with your beloved.
  • Having a driver drop you at the hotel or the airport will add an extra special touch of glamour to the occasion.
  • If you are flying somewhere wonderful and exotic there will be no time wasted booking airport car parking and then driving around looking for a suitable space, no joining a queue for the courtesy transport in the rain or cold whilst dragging heavy luggage behind you.
  • You can be dropped at your destination and glide through to the departure gate relaxed and stress-free.
  • At the end of your romantic honeymoon, you can be met and whisked home without waiting for the courtesy bus and then searching the car park for your vehicle.

Birthday or Anniversary Celebrations

These are important milestones in life and should be celebrated as such. Hiring a chauffeur can add that extra special memory to the evening. You can be dropped off at the door of the venue and collected afterwards, cleverly avoiding:

  • Booking the taxi in advance only to wait dejectedly for a non-arrival or finding at the end of the evening that you have a delay before being taken home.
  • Searching for a parking space close to the venue so that you may avoid your clothing and hairstyle getting ruined by inclement weather conditions.
  • A designated driver who spends the evening unable to partake of even the smallest sip of celebratory champagne.

A Romantic City Break

Cities are congested and stressful places and negotiating your way through unfamiliar streets and traffic jams can lead to frayed tempers and angry words. This is never going to be the ideal way to start a romantic break. If you hire a chauffeur you can:

  • Relax and chat during the journey without having to consult the sat-nav or passing strangers for directions.
  • Arrive at your chosen destination feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Avoid the need to check in advance to see if your chosen hotel has a car park and also avoid the endless merry go round trying to find a space.
  • Be sure there will be no inexplicable dents or scratches on your vehicle when you return to your parking space.

The Family Holiday of a Lifetime

It won’t be the holiday of a lifetime unless you make it so! Most of us love holidays but the logistics of getting to the airport through typically busy traffic, parking the car, dragging the family and all the luggage to the terminal can be daunting and then repeating that whole experience in reverse when you are tired from a long flight can be incredibly stressful. In this instance booking a chauffeur driven car could be the icing on the cake of a wonderful family holiday experience.

  • No family arguments about which car park zone you need to look for.
  • No fractious children to distract you whilst driving home when you are already exhausted and/or jet-lagged.

An Exclusive Day Out

For any day out, from Ladies Day at the races through to an office celebration for the Formula 1 at Silverstone, what could be more glamorous and exclusive than arriving in style.

  • You and your associates will feel that extra little bit special being chauffeur driven to the event.
  • Enjoy the full experience including the champers and fine wines.
  • No reason to leave early to avoid the crush at the carpark exits.

Every single celebration in life deserves to be instilled with special meaning. So why not add in that extra dose of magic by using a private chauffeur. When you are having the time of your life you don’t need any mundane details to come between you and your enjoyment of the experience. Plus what could be more pleasurable than enjoying a journey in a prestigious, luxury vehicle without the stress of actually trying to manoeuvre or park it!

November 9, 2017

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