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Working For Eden Private Staff

As a rather familiar & similar saying goes: “This isn’t just any private staff recruitment, this is “Eden private staff recruitment”.

So, what makes us believe we are so different and how do we stand out from the crowd?

All our staff have recently been undergoing important assessment & training as part of their continuous professional development (which in itself, by the way, highlights one of the ways we can differentiate ourselves from other recruitment companies; but more about that later) and something that really stood out for the external Trainer was how much the Company supports its’ staff and he commented “I hope they realise how lucky they are!”.

The Trainer was particularly referencing one of the key stand out features of working for Eden which is that none of the staff are expected to cold call clients to find business. Our business model and working strategy is structured to allow the Consultants to focus entirely on their individual desks, leaving the task of business generation to Senior Management who also drive our continuous marketing initiatives forwards.

Additionally, Eden works with and alongside world leading brands and companies, honing our marketing strategy to reach the right audience, attracting the best clients and candidates.

In addition to this, the leadership team drive traffic to Eden through a network of tried and tested methods, utilising a myriad of marketing tools to promote and enhance our presence in the sector. Clients & Candidates alike receive targeted campaigns for either their jobs or their profiles and the net result of this approach is a continuous stream of jobs and candidates for our Consultants to work on and work with.

As briefly mentioned before, Eden Private Staff  actively invests in its’ team of staff. We always want to get the very best out of our Consultants and Resourcers and this means we recognise the need to help them grow and learn. Recruitment trends and  job roles within the private staffing sector are continually changing and the sector ever-expanding, so it is really important that we keep up to date with these trends, looking after both Clients and Candidates with effectively trained and efficient staff. Investing in Continuous Professional Development safeguards the future of the Company.

As Eden experiences exponential growth, we of course look to the future and the expansion of our Team and in this area too, we believe we stand out from the crowd in our selection and choice of Consultants & Resourcers.

We search for people who see our vision and understand that their desk and individual contribution to the company are integral to Eden’s success.

Simply put, this means we recruit strong, hard working people who are adaptable and resilient, ethically minded, fully of integrity, are relationship builders, team players, great communicators and above all solution seekers!

Ultimately, our business model is devised to reward hard work and loyalty with employee/senior management led ownership of the company.

As we continue on our journey, Eden Private Staff will always strive to be different, offering clients and candidates, employees and the private staff sector the best it deserves.


February 24, 2024

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